How to fix power, heating, popping and humming issues with Q70A/Q80A/QN85A/QN90A

When using the new Samsung Q70A, Q80A, QN85A or QN90A TV, you may encounter several issues related to its power, heat, popping sounds and/or humming noises. If you are experiencing any of the above, then you can follow this Seeking Tech guide to find some potential fixes. How to fix power issues with the Q70A, … Read more

How to fix brightness and color issues with Q70A, Q80A, QN85A and QN90A

If you have the Q70A, Q80A, QN85A or QN90A television set, then you may have encountered issues with its brightness and/or colors looking off. You can check out this troubleshooting guide at Seeking Tech to find some potential fixes to these problems. How to use the self diagnosis tool on Q70A, Q80A, QN85A and QN90A … Read more

How to play games in ultrawide aspect ratio on Q70A, Q80A, QN85A and QN90A

Although the new Q70A, Q80A, QN85A and QN90A have a native 16:9 aspect ratio, these television sets also support the ultrawide ratios. You can follow this guide from Seeking Tech to find out how you can enable ultrawide screen support. Supported Ultrawide Aspect Ratio The Samsung Q70A QLED, Q80A QLED, QN85A Neo QLED and QN90A … Read more