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Is PlayStation Plus Deluxe worth it? 

In select regions, you are able to subscribe to the new Deluxe tier of PlayStation Plus. So, is this subscription worth it or are you better off with a different plan? You can find out in this review post at Seeking Tech.  

What’s included with PS Plus Deluxe? 

By being an active member of the PlayStation Plus Deluxe tier, you will be able to get the following benefits: 

Online Multiplayer for Paid Games – To be able to play online multiplayer modes on paid games, you will need to subscribe to Deluxe or any of the other tiers of PS Plus. You don’t need a subscription to play free-to-play multiplayer titles. 

Back Up Save Files to Cloud – The only way to back up your save files is through the cloud storage. In order to access it, you need to be a member to any of the available Plus tiers.  

Game Help – This is a subscription feature that is only exclusive to the PlayStation 5. It provide video hints on supported games.  

Share Play – With this feature, you are able to play any local multiplayer games with another friend over the internet as long as they are also subscribed to any of the PlayStation Plus subs. The friend can also take over your controls in single-player games.  

Monthly Games Catalog – With Deluxe, you will have a list of games that you can play. This catalog is refresh monthly and usually contains a handful of PS4 and PS5 titles. 

PlayStation Plus Collection – This is a PS5 exclusive catalog that contains a list of 19 popular PS4 games that are backwards compatible.  

Games Catalog – The Games Catalog will give you full access to hundreds of games, including some of the biggest titles, for PS4 and PS5.  

Classics Catalog – This list focuses on select emulated and remastered games that originally came out before the PlayStation 4 generation.  

Timed Game Trials – With this feature, you are able to play select games from the very beginning for a limited amount of time. You should then be able to take your progress to the full game.  

Exclusive DLC Packs – The PlayStation Plus membership will grant you access to DLC packs for select games. 

Exclusive Discounts – By being a member of Deluxe or the other Plus tiers, you can also get exclusive discounts for digital content found on the PlayStation Store.  

What we like about PlayStation Plus Deluxe 

What we loved about the PlayStation Plus is that, by being a member, you will get instant access to hundreds of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games due to the Monthly Games Catalog, PlayStation Plus Collection, Games Catalog and Classics Catalog.  

These lists include acclaimed titles from a variety of genres. Therefore, chances are very high that you find something of interest that makes the value of the subscription more than worth it in the end.  

While we don’t really take advantage of the timed game trials, game help, share play, exclusive DLC or exclusive discounts, these may cater to your interests as well. 

What we don’t like about PlayStation Plus Deluxe 

The only issue we have with this subscription is that puts online multiplayer for paid games, as well as the cloud save back up feature, behind a pay wall. We would rather have these features free for us and other players as the other benefits of this service is more than good enough to justify the costs. 

Should you get PlayStation Plus Deluxe? 

If you like to play a lot of games but don’t have the budget to buy them, then PlayStation Plus Deluxe provides a lot of value as you will get access to hundreds of games to play on your PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition consoles. 

By being a member, you will also be able to take advantage of timed game trials, game help, share play, exclusive DLC and exclusive discounts. Not to mention that you will also unlock online multiplayer for paid games along with cloud save backups.  

PlayStation Plus Deluxe or PlayStation Plus Essential? 

We recommend picking up the Deluxe tier over the Essential tier as the former comes Games Catalog and Classics Catalog. Without these catalogs, which contains hundreds of additional titles, you will be limited to a handful of monthly games. 

PlayStation Plus Deluxe or PlayStation Plus Extra? 

Depending on how interested you are when it comes to playing emulated or classic games from older generations, then you may also want to pick up the Deluxe tier over the Extra tier. PS Plus Deluxe also offers timed game trials. 

With that said, we find that the current lineups for the Classics Catalog and timed trials to be scarce and underwhelming. Therefore, you may want to stick with PlayStation Plus Extra and then upgrade to the Deluxe tier if you Classics Catalog and/or timed trials lists get better over time. 

PlayStation Plus Deluxe or PlayStation Plus Premium? 

Depending on your region, you will either get PlayStation Plus Deluxe or PlayStation Plus Premium. The Premium tier offers the additional ability to stream PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 games on your console or other devices. 

While there are ways that you can get Premium over Deluxe, it may too much of a hassle, especially when you consider that the streaming quality of PlayStation Plus may not work perfectly in your region. 

Thus, we recommend that you stick with the Deluxe tier unless Sony decides to officially bring cloud streaming to your region.