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How to fix LG A3, B3, C3, G3, M3 and Z3 media player app issues

The LG A3, LG B3, LG C3, LG G3, LG M3 and LG Z3 televisions come with a media player app that you can use in order to play files you have stored on an external storage or streamed directly from a computer.

If you are having a hard time trying to get this application to play your video and or audio files, then you can take a look at this troubleshooting article from Seeking Tech.

1. To start off, you should make sure that your video or audio file is supported by the LG media player.

For a video to be played, it needs to feature a compatible file extension, resolution, frame rate and video codec. For more information, you can take a look at this video file compatibility guide.

In terms of the audio file, it needs to come with a supported file extension, audio codec, bit rate and sample frequency. You can find information in our audio file compatibility guide.

2. If you are connecting an external storage drive to your LG TV via the USB port, then make sure that the television set is able to detect it properly.

If you are having issues with the USB drive, then you can take a look at this troubleshooter.

3. If you are sure that you have all the compatibility issues sorted out but aren’t able to find the file in the media player app, then make sure that you set the filter to “All” in order to view all your video and/or audio files.

4. If you manage to get the video to play but the audio is muted, then you may see the following error message:

  • “This audio is not supported”

In this case, you may have a compatible video file with incompatible audio codec. So, if possible, you can try converting the video file with a supported audio portion to see if you are able to get the audio to playback properly.

5. If you haven’t done so already, make sure you update the firmware of your LG OLED. A software update may improve support for video and audio codecs.

6. If you still can’t play the video or audio to play correctly, then you can try playing the same files on an external device that is connected to your A3, B3, C3, G3, M3 or Z3. An external device, such as a computer, may offer better support for your media.