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How to fix LG A3, B3, C3, G3, M3 and Z3 web browser app issues

The 2023 LG OLED television models feature a built-in web browser app that you can use to browse the internet. If you are having issues trying to load certain web pages, then you can take a look at this troubleshooting article from Seeking Tech.

Before we begin, it should be noted that this guide will cover the LG A3, LG B3, LG C3, LG G3, LG M3 and LG Z3 models.


Using the native web browser app on your 2023 OLED does have some limitations. First off, the application only supports HTML5 media as Flash media is not compatible. Furthermore, you won’t be able to download any plug-ins, save images or save any other files.

In terms of images, the web browser may only show those that use the JPEG, PNG or GIF formats.

For best compatibility, we recommend connecting a computer to your TV and then use a web broswer from the PC.

What to do if the web browser is forced to shut down

The browser may end up being forced to shut down when you are browsing the internet on your A3, B3, C3, G3, M3 or Z3 television set. This is likely due to memory issue.

To potentially fix this, go to the Settings menu of your TV and then select General > OLED Care > Device Self Care > Memory Optimizer. This feature should free up additional memory resources for your television.

What to do if you can’t get a video to play in the web browser app

If the video you are trying to watch can’t be played in the web browser app, then you should check to see if it is running on HTML5. As we stated above, videos that are running on Flash aren’t compatible with the LG TV internet browser.

If you are sure that you are trying to play a HTLM5 video, then the next step you can try is to turn off the Block Ads feature. In order to do so, select the three dots icon in the app and then go to Settings > Use Block Ads. Finally, set the Use Block Ads feature to Off.

You can also try disabling JavaScript Adaptive Streaming. To do so, select the three dots icon in the web browser app and then navigate over to Settings > Adaptive Streaming using JavaScript. Afterwards, set the Adaptive Streaming using JavaScript”” feature to Off.

Once that is done, close the current tab, open a new one and then visit the same page again to see if the video is able to play normally without any issues.