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Do you keep PlayStation Plus Premium games?

With PlayStation Plus Premium, you gain access to hundreds of video games. So, can you keep the titles that you get from this subscription service? You can find out in this article from Seeking Tech.

Before we begin, it is important to note that the PlayStation Plus Premium games are categorized into separate catalogs. Each of these categories has its own licensing rules.

Monthly Games Catalog

The monthly games catalog composes of a handful of titles that you can redeem and download if you are subscribe to the Essential, Extra, Deluxe or Premium tier of PlayStation Plus.

If you managed to redeem monthly games before they are removed from the catalog, then you are able to keep playing them as long as you remain subscribed to any of the aforementioned PS+ plans.

If you unsubscribed, then you will lose access to these titles unless you renew your membership again.

The PlayStation Plus Collection

For the first couple of years in the PlayStation 5 lifespan, Sony gave out 20 PS4 games that can only be downloaded from the PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition console. This Essential, Extra, Deluxe and Premium benefit has been removed on May 9, 2023.

This collection works the same way as monthly games. If you managed to redeem these games before they were removed from the service, then you can keep playing them as long as you stay a member to any of the PlayStation Plus plans.

Game Catalog

The Game Catalog gives you access to an additional set of games that can be downloaded and played on the PlayStation 4 and/or PlayStation 5.

These titles actually come with an expiration date. Before they expire, you should be able to keep playing them as long as you remain a member of PlayStation Plus Extra, Deluxe or Premium.

Once the expiration date arrives, however, you will lose access to these titles even if you stayed subscribed to the appropriate tier.

Classics Catalog

There are two types of subcategories in the Classics Catalog.

The first group together the PS1, PS2, PSP as well as games that have been remastered for the PS4/PS5. These games have expiration dates. Once one of the titles expires, you won’t be able to play then even if you stay subscribed to PlayStation Plus Deluxe or PlayStation Plus Premium.

The other group from the Classics Catalog is PS3 games, which is exclusive to the Premium plan. These titles can only be streamed. You can still play them as long as you remain a member to the highest PlayStation Plus tier as long as the expiration date hasn’t been reached.