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What’s the difference between SF6 Drive Tickets, Fighter Coins and Zenny?

In Street Fighter 6, you will encounter three different kinds of currency. To see what the major differences are between Drive Tickets, Fighter Coins and Zenny, you can take a look at this comparison article from Seeking Tech.

What are Drive Tickets?

A Drive Ticket is an in-game virtual currency that you can earn by completing specific challenges in Street Fighter VI. You can find these challenges by going to the Rewards section in the Multi Menu. Afterwards, switch over to the Challenges tab.

With Drive Tickets, you can purchase many of the same in-game items from the Goods Shop, such as costumes and emotes, as Fighter Coins. With that said, the same items usually cost more in tickets than coins.

There is currently no way you can use real-life money to purchase Drive Tickets in Street Fighter 6. However, you will get these as bonuses by purchasing the yearly character pass or season pass.

What are Fighter Coins?

As we mentioned above, many of the same items from the Goods Shop can also be bought with Fighter Coins. Furthermore, this virtual currency can only be used to purchase certain premium content in SF6 such as new DLC characters.

The main way to acquire these virtual coins is by spending real money to purchase them in increments. The following are available based on the pricing in the U.S region:

  • 250 Fighter Coins – $4.99
  • 610 Fighter Coins – $11.99
  • 1,250 Fighter Coins – $23.99
  • 2,750 Fighter Coins – $49.99

To find out more about these microtransactions, you can take a look at this post.

Fighter Coins can also be obtained as rewards for completing certain objects in the Fighters Pass. At launch, the Fighters Pass rewards aren’t currently available; therefore, these coins can only be purchased with real cash.

What is Zenny?

Zenny is a virtual currency that is exclusive to the World Tour mode. For the uninformed, this is a new single-playing campaign that lets you explore the locations and meet legendary characters from the Street Fighter franchise via your user created avatar.

You can use these to buy gear, cosmetics as well as food and drinks.

Zenny can be acquired through the following methods:

  • Complete missions and quests
  • Fulfill the listed conditions in fights
  • Selling items in your inventory in shops
  • Partake in part-time minigame jobs
  • Open chests
  • Found in the environment