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What to do if you can’t adjust the DualSense Edge haptic feedback intensity

The DualSense Edge supports the same haptic feedback as the normal DualSense. If you are having trouble trying to adjust the intensity level for this controller, then you can take a look at this troubleshooting article at Seeking Tech.

1. Keep in mind that the vibration feedback will automatically set to Weak if you turn on the built-in microphone of the controller even if you previously changed it to Medium or Strong.

Therefore, we recommend that you look at the Mute button on the DualSense Edge, which should be just below the PS button.

If the button is showing an orange light, then it indicates that the mic is currently disabled. If it isn’t showing any lights, then you need to press the button to mute the microphone.

2. It is also important to note that the rumble settings you set for your videogame will override the vibration intensity setting you set for your DualSense Edge.

In this case, we recommend looking at the menus of the game you are currently playing to see if the rumble setting matches what you want.

3. For the uninformed, you can save multiple profiles directly to your DualSense Edge. If these profiles have different rumble settings, then make sure you have the right one selected.

In order to quickly switch profiles, you need to press and hold one of the two Function (Fn) buttons, which are located below the left and right analog sticks. With one of the Fn buttons held down, you can then need to press one of the face buttons (triangle, circle, cross or square) in order to change to your desired profile.

4. If you still can’t adjust the intensity level of the haptic feedback, then you can try factory resetting the DualSense Edge.

5. We also recommend that you update the firmware of the DualSense Edge as a new release may help fix the rumble issues you may be experiencing with the controller.