How to earn and give toasts in MultiVersus

This Seeking Tech guide will explain how you can earn, as well as give, toasts in MultiVersus.

For the uninformed, Toast is an in-game currency that you can give to other players after an online match. In order to earn it, you simply have to log into your account in MultiVersus. You will be able to earn 5 toasts daily by doing so.

If you want to toast someone, finish a match and then decline a rematch with the other player. Afterwards, you should be able to find the Toast option underneath their username in the Results screen. The number of toasts you have should appear on the top-right corner of the same screen as well.

By toasting another player, you will be giving them Fighter Currency. This is another type of in-game currency, which is used for unlocking playable characters.

How to avoid matching up with bots online in MultiVersus

This Seeking Tech guide will explain how you can avoid being matched up with bots when playing online matches in MultiVersus.

When you play online initially, you will be matched up against computer-controlled bots. This was most likely an intentional design, as the development team wants to ease new players into online matches as opposed to having them get destroyed by someone more experienced.

After you win a handful of matches against these bots, you should start getting connected to real human players.

You can tell that you are matched up with humans if they have a platform symbol attached to the end of their usernames. If this is the first time you play against another real person, then you should also earn the Matchmaker trophy and achievement as well.

It is important to note that the 1 vs. 1 and 2 vs. 2 modes are different. Therefore, you need to go through several bot matches for each mode before you can match up against real players.

There have also been reports that, if you lose a bunch of matches against real opponents, then you may get matched up with bots again during online play.

How to disable crossplay in Xbox versions of MultiVersus

This Seeking Tech guide will show you how to turn off cross-platform matchmaking in the Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X versions of MultiVersus.

1. To start off, open the Settings menu of your Xbox.

2. From there, you need to select Account, and then Privacy & online safety.

3. Over the next several screens, go to Xbox privacy > View details & customize > Communication & multiplayer.

4. FInally, set the “You can join cross-network play” setting to Block.

5. You then have to reboot the game. You can do so by opening the Guide menu and then quitting MultiVersus. Afterwards, launch the game again.

Crossplay should now be disabled.