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LG C3 wall mount compatibility guide

In 2023, LG released the latest revision to their popular C-series of OLED televisions. These TVs come with a swivel stand, which lets you easily turn the screen. With that said, you can also put the C3 on a wall.

You can check out the compatibly guide at Seeking Tech to find the appropriate specs for the LG C3 if you want to wall mount this product.

What’s new with the LG C3?

The LG C3 uses a brand new α9 Gen6 AI Processor, which features an improved AI Picture Pro feature to go along with OLED Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro and HDR Expression Enhancer.

In addition to improved picture processing, this chipset will also provide 9.1.2 surround sound via the AI Sound Pro feature. Of course, the WebOS menu should run more efficiently with this new model.

On the gaming front, the C3 should support HDMI 2.1, Variable Refresh Rate, 120 Hz Refresh Rate, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos as well as Auto Low Latency Mode.

LG C3 Screen Sizes

Just like the C1 and C2, the new C3 series offer a 42” screen option, which makes it more suitable to use the television set as a monitor. Of course, there are also bigger sizes available as you can go as high as 83”.

You can find the full list of sizes, as well as the associated model number is parentheses, below:

  • 42-inch LG C3 OLED evo 4K Smart TV (OLED42C3PUA or OLED42C3AUA)
  • 48-inch LG C3 OLED evo 4K Smart TV (OLED48C3PUA or OLED48C3AUA)
  • 55-inch LG C3 OLED evo 4K Smart TV (OLED55C3PUA or OLED55C3AUA)
  • 65-inch LG C3 OLED evo 4K Smart TV (OLED65C3PUA or OLED65C3AUA)
  • 77-inch LG C3 OLED evo 4K Smart TV (OLED77C3PUA or OLED77C3AUA)
  • 83-inch LG C3 OLED evo 4K Smart TV (OLED83C3PUA or OLED83C3AUA)

LG C3 Dimensions without Stand

If you want to mount the C3 to a wall, then you should pay attention to the dimensions of your television set. This is especially true if you have a dry wall as you will be limited to installing the mounting bracket on studs.

You can find the dimensions (shown in millimeters, centimeters and inches) for each available screen size below:

Dimensions without Stand (in millimeters):

  • 42-inch LG C3: 932 mm x 541 mm x 41 mm
  • 48-inch LG C3: 1072 mm x 617 mm x 46 mm
  • 55-inch LG C3: 1222 mm x 704 mm x 46 mm
  • 65-inch LG C3: 1441 mm x 826 mm x 45 mm
  • 77-inch LG C3: 1712 mm x 983 mm x 48 mm
  • 83-inch LG C3: 1852 mm x 826 mm x 56 mm

Dimensions without Stand (in centimeters):

  • 42-inch LG C3: 93.2 cm x 54.1 cm x 4.1 cm
  • 48-inch LG C3: 107.2 cm x 61.7 cm x 4.6 cm
  • 55-inch LG C3: 122.2 cm x 70.4 cm x 4.6 cm
  • 65-inch LG C3: 144.1 cm x 82.6 cm x 4.5 cm
  • 77-inch LG C3: 171.2 cm x 98.3 cm x 48 cm
  • 83-inch LG C3: 185.2 cm x 82.6 cm x 5.6 cm

Dimensions without Stand (in inches):

  • 42-inch LG C3: 36.7 inches x 21.3 inches x 1.6 inch
  • 48-inch LG C3: 42.2 inches x 24.3 inches x 1.8 inch
  • 55-inch LG C3: 48.1 inches x 27.7 inches x 1.8 inch
  • 65-inch LG C3: 56.7 inches x 32.5 inches x 1.8 inch
  • 77-inch LG C3: 67.4 inches x 38.7 inches x 1.9 inch
  • 83-inch LG C3: 72.9 inches x 41.6 inches x 2.2 inches

LG C3 Weight without Stand

Of course, the wall mount should be constructed to be strong enough in order to handle the television weight of your LG C3.

Fortunately, this television model is relatively light as the biggest size option weighs no more than 71.2 pounds or 32.3 kilograms. You can find out how much each screen size weighs below:

Weight without Stand (in pounds):

  • 42-inch LG C3: 21.6 lbs.
  • 48-inch LG C3: 32.8 lbs.
  • 55-inch LG C3: 31.1 lbs.
  • 65-inch LG C3: 36.6 lbs.
  • 77-inch LG C3: 51.8 lbs.
  • 83-inch LG C3: 71.2 lbs.

Weight without Stand (in kilograms):

  • 42-inch LG C3: 9.8 kg
  • 48-inch LG C3: 14.9 kg
  • 55-inch LG C3: 14.1 kg
  • 65-inch LG C3: 16.6 kg
  • 77-inch LG C3: 23.5 kg
  • 83-inch LG C3: 32.3 kg

LG C3 VESA Mounting Pattern

The 42”, 48”, 55”, 65” and 77” C3 screen sizes use the same VESA Mounting Pattern while the 83” version features a different one.

For the uninformed, this pattern measures the horizontal and vertical distances between the four mounting screw holes located on the back of the LG C3. If the mounting bracket doesn’t support these distances, then you won’t be able to attach it to your OLED screen.

VESA Mounting Pattern (example from different TV).

You can find the VESA Mounting Pattern for each screen size below:

  • 42-inch LG C3: 300 mm x 200 mm
  • 48-inch LG C3: 300 mm x 200 mm
  • 55-inch LG C3: 300 mm x 200 mm
  • 65-inch LG C3: 300 mm x 200 mm
  • 77-inch LG C3: 300 mm x 200 mm
  • 83-inch LG C3: 400 mm x 400 mm

What is the official LG C3 wall mount? 

LG has an official wall mount that you can use for the 42-inch, 48-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch and 77-inch versions of the C3. 

The LG EZ Slim Wall Mount for LG TVs will fit the 300 x 200 VESA Mounting Pattern of the aforementioned screen size. This bracket can also hold up to 110 pounds.  

If you are interested, you can purchase the product from Amazon with the following link:  

If you have the 83-inch LG C3, then you need to look for a third-party mount instead.

What third-party wall mounts are compatible with the LG C3?

When it comes to finding the right wall mount for your LG C3, the product needs to support the television weight. This most likely won’t be an issue as these televisions should weigh no more than 71.2 lbs. or 32.3 kg.

Furthermore, the mount must also support the VESA Mounting Pattern, which is 300 mm x 200 mm for the 42”, 48”, 55”, 65” and 77” screen sizes. For the 83” version of the C3, the pattern is 400 mm x 400 mm.

When it comes to wall mount types, you can pick between fixed, tilting and full motion products. Fixed mounts can’t be moved while tilting mounts will let you tilt the C3 upwards or downwards. Full motion mounts will let you extend, tilt and swivel your OLED around.

If you are looking for specific product recommendations that you can get for the LG C3, then you can take a look at this guide.