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How to turn off aim assist in Pistol Whip

When playing Pistol Whip on your PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 5 Digital Edition console via the PS VR2, you may notice that you don’t have to be really accurate when targeting your enemies. This is due to the generous aim assist setting that lets you focus on dodging incoming bullets and avoiding obstacles.

Before we begin, it is important to note that, while this article is based on the PlayStation VR2 version of the action rhythm game, these steps are also applicable to other versions as well.

1. To start off, you won’t be able to disable aim assist from the pause menu in Pistol Whip. So, if you are currently going through a level, you should either finish it or quit back to the level selection screen.

To exit a stage in the PS VR2 version, press any of the face buttons (Square, Triangle, Circle or X) on the Sense controller. Afterwards, select the Screen Select option.

2. If you are playing the campaign scenes, then you won’t be able to turn off the aim assist feature. Instead, you need to head over to the Arcade Mode.

If you are in the Campaign Mode menu, then you need to select home icon to go back to the home menu. From there, select Arcade.

3. Select a level from the Arcade mode and then look to the left side. You should see the Styles menu.

Note: If you don’t see the Styles menu, this means that you haven’t played enough stages to unlock it. In this case, you have to play through move levels until you get a notification that says the following:

Bend the rules. Time for a switch-up? Use the STYLES SYSTEM to modify core mechanics to your exact preferences. Each style has its own unique leaderboards. Carve out your niche and dominate it.

4. In the Styles menu, make sure you are in the Customize tab.

5. From there, select the Deadeye icon, which has an aiming reticle icon. This option should have the following description:

Aim-assist disabled. Penalty for missed shots.

6. After turning off the aim assist feature, look to the right and then select the Start option.

When you play through the stage, you should no longer notice any aim assistance when shooting your weapon at the enemies.