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How to push blocks in Sea of Stars

You may run into some instances where it seems like you are able to push a block, crystal or other objects in Sea of Stars. To find out how you can push in this role-playing game, you can check out this guide from Seeking Tech.

Unlocking the Mistral Bracelet

In order to push blocks, you first need to unlock the Mistral Bracelet. With this item, the leader of your party will be able to shoot a burst of wind in the direction they are facing. As a result, any moveable objects, such as blocks and crystals, will be pushed in that direction.

You can find this item in the Wind Tunnel Mines dungeon that you need to visit for story purposes. You can access this area at the top of the Stonemasons Outpost by jumping down the giant hole.

Once you get into the dungeon, make your way through it. Along the way you should see pushable blocks and crystals. Avoid these objects for now.

How to use the Mistral Bracelet

The Mistral Bracelet is located in an area with a gigantic chest. Once you unlocked this item, you should be able push the blocks and crystals you saw previously.

The default controls for the bracelet are Square on a PlayStation Controller, X on an Xbox controller and Y on a Nintendo Switch controller.

Before pushing, make sure the leader in your party is facing the direction where you want the object to be pushed.