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How to properly clean the GIGABYTE M28U and M32U

If you want to properly clean the GIGABYTE M28U Gaming Monitor and GIGABYTE M32U Gaming Monitor, then you can check out this guide from Seeking Tech to see how you can properly do so.

What cleaning cloth should you use for the GIGABYTE M28U and M32U?

When it comes to cleaning the screen, GIGABYTE recommends using a soft cloth that is lint free. Otherwise, a dirty and/or more abrasive cloth could end up scratching your screen.

If you don’t have any clean soft cloths currently, then we recommend picking up the Magic Fiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths. If you are interested, you can purchase a pack of these on Amazon with this link.

What cleaning solution can you use for the GIGABYTE M28U and M32U?

When it comes to the cleaning solution, GIGABYTE recommends that you avoid using any acidic or abrasive cleaners. Therefore, we suggest that you use either plain water or highly-concentrated isopropyl alcohol.

Isopropyl alcohol dries a lot faster when compared plain water and will also help disinfect your computer screen.

If you are interested in using isopropyl alcohol, then we recommend picking up the MG Chemicals brand. You can find it on Amazon via the following link:

How to clean the GIGABYTE M28U and M32U

Once you have all the necessary cleaning tools, we recommend that you take the following steps in order to properly clean your GIGABYTE M28U Gaming Monitor or GIGABYTE M32U Gaming Monitor:

1. Before doing anything else, make sure you turn off your M28U or M32U.

2. After powering down your computer monitor, unplug the power cable as well as any other cables you have attached to the screen.

3. Next, we recommend that you pour the cleaning solution on the cleaning cloth.

Do not pour or spay the solution directly on your gaming monitor as the excess liquid could end up seeping through inside, causing liquid damage.

You should also make sure that your cleaning cloth doesn’t become too damp. If you think you accidentally put too much of the solution on the cloth, then you can simply squeeze the cloth over a sink to remove the excess liquid.

4. After applying the cleaning solution to the cloth, you can start wiping your M28U or M32U Gaming Monitor.

We recommend wiping the screen gently as any excessive pressure may end up damaging the screen.

You should also wipe your monitor in a circular motion. This is because wiping is straight lines will leave behind streaks and residuals.

5. Once you are done wiping your M28U or M32U, the next step is to simply wait until the monitor dries out in room temperature.

If you are in a hurry, then you can put the gaming monitor next to a fan for better air circulation.

Do not put the screen near any heat source as doing so may end up causing heat damage.

6. After making sure that the GIGABYTE M28U Gaming Monitor or GIGABYTE M32U Gaming Monitor has fully dried up, you should be able to plug it back in and turn it back on.

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