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How to fix unresponsive microphone input in Astro’s Playroom

Astro’s Playroom is a videogame that is pre-installed with every PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. When playing, you may eventually come up to a section where the game will tell you to blow into the microphone input of your DualSense controller.

If you are having issues in this section, you can follow this guide at Seeking Tech for some potential fixes.

Why the DualSense mic is unresponsive in Astro’s Playroom

Based on our tests, this issue mainly occurs when you are using a headphone or headset with your PlayStation 5. Once the system detects your headphone or headset, it will automatically switch the microphone input device from the microphone on the DualSense controller to the microphone on your headphone or headset. Keep in mind that not all headphones will have this issue.

You can check the microphone input device in the Settings section of the system menu. From there, select “Sound” and then “Microphone.”

Solution for Headphone

If you running into issues with unresponsive microphone input when using a headphone (which don’t have a microphone), then an easy way to get past these sections that require you to blow on a mic is by pressing the mic mute button. The button is located below the “PS” button on your DualSense controller. You can tell the microphone Is muted when it displays an orange light.

Once the Astro’s Playroom game detects that your microphone has been muted, it will move you through the problematic section without any inputs.

Solution for Headset

If you have a headset, you need to blow directly into the mic on your headset.

If you are still having issues, you can try going to “Settings” from the main system menu and then select “Sound.” From there, select “Microphone” and then “Adjust Microphone Level.” In this section, you can test out the sensitivity of your headset microphone and adjust the microphone level. If your input level is too low, try increasing the microphone level.

If blowing into your headset microphone still does not work, you can try muting your microphone on your headset during the mic-blowing sections in Astro’s Playroom and see if the game will move you through without any inputs.

If none of the above works, simply disconnect your headset from the PlayStation 5. The system will automatically revert the microphone input to your DualSense controller. So, you should now be able to blow on it. Once again, you can check your mic status from the main system menu by going to “Settings,” then “Sound” and then “Microphone.”