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How to reset the password for the LG C3 or G3

You are able to use a password to lock out content on your LG C3 or LG G3 television set. This is a four-digit numerical code that you need to enter in order to gain access the locked content on your TV.

If you forgot the pass code, then you can check out this guide at Seeking Tech to see how you can reset it for your 2023 LG OLED television set.

While this guide is meant for the C3 and G3, these steps should also be applicable for the A3, B3, M3 and Z3.

How to reset the password

In order to reset the password for your 2023 LG OLED, you need to press the Settings button on the television remote. Afterwards, select the gear cog icon on the screen and then go to General > System > Safety.

You should then be asked to enter your password. If you have never used a password for your television, then the default pass code is 0000. If you previously set up a password on the same TV, then you need to enter the four-digit code that you previously set up.

What to do if you lost your password

If you lost your pass code, then you can still reset it for your C3 or G3 television set.

In order to do so, start off by pressing the Settings button on your television remote. Next, you need to select the gear icon and then navigate over to General > System > Safety.

From there, you need to press the following buttons on the TV remote in sequence:

  • Channel Up Button
  • Channel Up Button
  • Channel Down Button
  • Channel Up Button

If done correctly, you should then see a master password window pop-up. Here, you need to enter 0313 as the pass code.

Your password should now be reset for your LG television.