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How to fix picture issues with the Hisense U6G, U7G and U8G

When using the Hisense U6G, U7G or U8G, you may experience screen issues such as having no picture, black picture, white picture, distorted picture, blurriness, flickering, random cut outs, tinted picture and/or wavy picture.

To see how you can fix these problems with the new Hisense televisions, you can take a look at this troubleshooting guide from Seeking Tech.

To begin, it should be noted that this article is based on the following TV models from the U6G, U7G and U8G series:

  • 50″ U6G (50U6G)
  • 55″ U6G (55U6G)
  • 65″ U6G (65U6G)
  • 75″ U6G (75U6G)
  • 55″ U7G (55U7G)
  • 65″ U7G (65U7G)
  • 75″ U7G (75U7G)
  • 55″ U8G (55U8G)
  • 65″ U8G (65U8G)

1. The first step you can take is to try to switch to a different channel or input source.

If another channel or input is working correctly, then you can try disconnecting and then reconnecting the antenna, HDMI and/or other inputs.

If you are experiencing issues with your television channels, then you can try readjusting the antenna position to see if the blurriness, flickering and/or random cut offs will still appear.

2. You should also make sure that the game system, set top box, media player and/or other devices connected to your Hisense television set is working normally and have the correct display settings.

3. If you are not getting any pictures at all, then you can try unplugging your Hisense U6G, U7G or U8G from the power outlet and then wait for 60 seconds.

Afterwards, you can plug it back into the power outlet and then try to turn it on to see if the screen will show any pictures.

If you aren’t getting any pictures, then you can try plugging your TV into another power outlet.

4. If you are only getting a black or white screen, then you can try adjusting the color saturation of your television.

To do so, press the home button on your TV remove and then select the gear icon. You then need to do to Picture > Calibration settings > Color Tuner.

Make sure that saturation is set to at least 50.

5. The sharpness features could also be causing picture blurriness, flickering and/or randomly cut-offs with your Hisense television.

To adjust the sharpness setting, press the home button on the remote and then select the gear icon.

Afterwards, head over to Picture > Sharpness. You can then decrease or increase the sharpness setting to see if that will improve the picture quality.

6. If your TV screen appears to be tinted in pink, purple, red or other colors, then you need to adjust the white balance.

To find this setting, press the home button and then select the gear icon.

You then need to go to Settings > Picture > Calibration Settings > White Balance. Next, decrease or increase the white balance to remove the tinted picture from the television screen.

7. Other electronics, such as smartphones, may cause display issues if they are placed close to your U6G, U7G or U8G.

So, if you are getting picture quality issues, try to make sure that there aren’t any electronic devices that may cause distortions to your television screen.