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How to fix LinkBuds S audio skips and dropouts

When using your Sony LinkBuds S, the audio may skip or completely dropout. If you are encountering these problems, then you can take a look at this troubleshooting article from Seeking Tech.

1. The sound skipping may be related to a weak Bluetooth signal.

The first step you can try is to make sure you aren’t cover the ear buds with any stickers or clothing as you may end up blocking the Bluetooth antennas.

2 Furthermore, you can try moving the connected device closer to your ear phones as you may be able to get a stronger and more stable wireless connection.

3. Avoid any objects that are in between the ear phones and the connected devices. These may include walls, metals as well as your own body.

4. If you are in an area with a lot of wireless devices, then it may be causing the Bluetooth connection to weaken, which will lead to audio skips and dropouts.

5. You can also try to change the sound quality mode.

In order to do so, make sure you download and install the “Sony | Headphones Connect” app. Afterwards, open the application and then connection your LinkBuds S. Finally, make sure that the sound quality mode is set to Priority on Stable Connection.

6. While you are using the “Sony | Headphones Connect” app, you should also make sure that you disable the Service Link feature as it could be the reason why you are experiencing audio dropouts.

7. If you have multiple apps open on your phone, tablet or computer, then these may be taking up a lot of hardware resources. As a result, there could have been a bottleneck that may be causing audio to not playback smoothly.

In this case, you can either closing the apps or fully restart the connected device.

8. Restarting the connected device will also help refresh its Bluetooth connection as well as close any lingering processes that may have been needlessly take up hardware resources and/or causing conflicts.

9. You can also try putting the ear buds back into the LinkBuds S charging case and closing the top lid. Afterwards, take them back out again to re-establish the Bluetooth connection to see if you are still getting any sound skipping and/or dropouts.

10. If you are using Adaptive Sound Control, then the audio may seemingly skip. According to Sony, this is perfectly normally, as the feature will temporarily pause the audio in order to adjust the noise cancellation function automatically.

If this feature bothers your listening experience, then you can disable it from the “Sony | Headphones Connect” app.

11. The audio skipping could also mean that something could be wrong with the software of your ear phones.

In you believe that this is the case, then you can first try to reset the LinkBuds S. If a regular reset isn’t helpful, then you can try doing a factory reset, which will revert the ear buds back to their default factory settings.