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All missable chests and hidden items in Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster

This Seeking Tech guide will reveal the locations for all 88 permanently missable chests as well as all 8 permanently missable hidden items in Final Fantasy VI. Use the following video as a reference:

Mt. Kolts – 4 missable chests

Mount Kolts has 4 missable chests. This location will disappear in the World of Ruin. So you should grab them before it’s too late.

The Returner’s Hideout – 6 missable chests and 1 missable hidden item

The Returner’s Hideout is another location that will disappear in the World of Ruin. Make sure you grab the 6 chests and 1 missable item as soon as possible.

Imperial Camp – 4 missable chests

The Imperial Camp is a one-time visit location. You need to get the first chest before heading south to the bridge. You can find the three others after you fought Kefka. Make sure to grab them before fighting Kefka for the third time, or you will be locked out of these chests.

Phantom Train – 5 missable chests and 2 missable hidden items

The Phantom Train is a one-time only dungeon. There are 5 chests and 2 hidden items here. One of the hidden items is located to the right and will be inaccessible when you flip a switch to detach a portion of the train. There is also a sixth chest that will result in an optional boss fight that is not counted by the official tracker. Make sure you grab them all before heading to the engine room at the front of the train.

Serpent Trench – 2 missable chests

The Serpent Trench has 2 chests. This location can’t be accessed once you get to the World of Ruin.

Magitek Factory – 12 missable chests

The Magitek Factory is a one-time only dungeon. So make sure you grab all 12 chests here before heading to the B2 floor.

Magitek Research Facility – 1 missable chest

After exiting the Magitek Factory, you should be in the Magitek Research Facility, which is another one-time only dungeon. Make sure you grab the hidden chest here before moving on.

Cave to the Sealed Gate – 14 missable chests and 4 missable hidden items

The Cave to the Sealed Gate is also a dungeon that can be visited only once. Make sure you open all 14 chests and find all 4 hidden items before you go to the B4 floor.

Imperial Palace – 5 missable chests

The Imperial Palace has 5 chests that must be opened before the World of Ruin. There is also a special banquet event that is very important as it will grant you access to the missable chests in the Imperial Observation Post. Follow this video walkthrough to find all the chests, talk to all the guards and make all the right dialogue choices.

Imperial Observation Post – 12 missable chests and 1 missable hidden item

The 12 chests and 1 hidden item in the Imperial Observation Post are missable if you don’t perform well in the aforementioned banquet event. This location will also disappear in the World of Ruin. So make sure you take the correct steps to grab them.

Burning Home – 2 missable chests

The Burning Home is a one-time location. You should go to the right rooms first before the left rooms in order to grab the two chests.

Esper Cave – 4 missable chests

The Esper Cave can’t be accessed in the World of Ruin. Make sure to open the 4 chests here before its too late.

Floating Continent – 4 missable chests

The Floating Continent is a one-time dungeon. It also signals the point of no return, as you will be sent to the World of Ruin afterwards. In this location, you need to grab three chests before fighting Ultima Weapon. During the escape sequence, you should see the fourth chest. To get to it, head south and then north. If you head east instead, then the path to the chest will crumble and you will be locked out.

Crumbling House – 8 missable chests

The Crumbling House is a one-time only area. Within the time limit, make sure to grab the 8 chests before rescuing the kid. You should also make sure that you register the three missable enemies in this location to your bestiary as well.

Dreamscape – Phantom Train – 5 missable chests

The Dreamscape version of the Phantom Train can only be visited once. Make sure to open all 5 chests here before flipping the lever in the front car.