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What’s the difference between Razer Enki and Razer Enki Pro?

The latest gaming chair released by Razer is the Enki Pro. So, how does the new release compare to the normal Enki?

You can find out in this comparison article from Seeking Tech.

Quick Summary

Unlike the Razer Enki, the Razer Enki Pro offers an Alcantara EPU synthetic leather cover, double-cushioned backrest and magnetic-based memory foam head cushion.

The Alcantara should offer a more premium and stain-resistance cover while the double-cushioned backrest will add more support and comfort for your back. The magnetic memory foam head cushion would be less likely to be displaced when compared to the strap-based head cushion on the Enki.

If these features benefit you, then the pro version is the better choice out of these two gaming chairs.

If you don’t mind missing out on the aforementioned advantages, then the Razer Enki otherwise offers the same features as the Razer Enki Pro, only at a much more affordable price point.

Razer Enki vs. Razer Enki Pro Comparison Chart

You can find our comparison table for the Razer Enki and Razer Enki Pro below.

 Razer EnkiRazer Enki Pro
Color VariantsBlack



Koenigsegg Edition

Williams Esports Edition
Recommended Body WeightLess than 299 lbs. (or 136 kg)Less than 299 lbs. (or 136 kg)
Recommended Body Height5' 5.55" to 6’ 8.32" (or 166.5 cm to 204 cm)5' 5.55" to 6’ 8.32" (or 166.5 cm to 204 cm)
Shoulder Arch Curvature110°110°
Seat Base Length21"21"
Chair Cover MaterialEPU Synthetic LeatherAlcantara EPU Synthetic Leather
Base MaterialAluminumAluminum
Frame MaterialSteelSteel
Foam TypeHigh-Density PU Molded FoamHigh-Density PU Molded Foam
Cushioned BackrestSingle-CushionedDouble-Cushioned
Adjustable Armrests4D4D
Caster Wheels60 mm PU Coated60 mm PU Coated
Gas Lift Class44
Built-In Lumbar Arch?YesYes
Adjustable Back Angle152°152°
Adjustable Lumbar Cushion?NoNo
Adjustable HeadrestStrap-Based Memory Foam Head CushionMagnetic-Based Memory Foam Head Cushion
Warranty3 years3 years

Color Variants

When it comes to color variations, the Razer Enki is available as Black, a mix of Black and Green as well as Quartz.

The Razer Enki Pro can be purchased in the Black and Green color scheme as well. There are also the Koenigsegg Edition and Williams Esports Edition available.

Recommended Body Weight

The recommended weight for both of these gaming chairs is the same. Razer suggests that you should weigh less than 299 lbs. (which converts over to 136 kg).

Recommended Body Height

When it comes to height, both the normal and pro versions are designed for individuals that are between 5′ 5.55″ to 6’ 8.32″ tall (which converts to a range of 166.5 cm to 204 cm).

Shoulder Arch Curvature

The curvature of the shoulder arches for these gaming chairs are the same at 110°.

Seat Base Length

The lengths of the seat bases are also identical at 21” long.

Chair Cover Material

When it comes to material used for the chair cover, the Enki uses EPU Synthetic Leather while the Enki Pro uses Alcantara EPU Synthetic Leather.

For the uninformed, the Alcantara Leather should provide a more premium look and feel, as well as better stain resistance, when compared to the normal synthetic leather.

Base Material

The two chairs are built with the same aluminum base materials.

Frame Material

Both products are also supported by a steel frame.

Foam Type

The cushions are stuffed with high-density PU molded foam.

Cushioned Backrest

When it comes to the backrest, the normal Enki is single-cushioned. On the other hand, the Enki Pro is double-cushioned, which should offer more comfort and support for your back.

Adjustable Armrests

The Enki and Enki Pro offers 4D adjustable armrests, which means that you have the following options when it comes to moving the armrests:

  • Left and right axis
  • Forward and backward axis
  • Up and down axis
  • Rotation

Caster Wheels

These Razer chairs use 60 mm PU coated caster wheels so that you can easily roll it around on smooth surfaces.

Gas Lift Class

The Enki and Enki Pro has been rated with a class 4 gas lift, which is the highest rating when it comes to the strength and durability factors of changing the height of the chair.

Built-In Lumbar Arch

The two chairs include a built-in lumbar arch in order to encourage you to sit properly.

Adjustable Back Angle

You can move the backrest of the Enki and Enki Pro backwards by as much as 152°.

Adjustable Lumbar Cushion

These chairs do not come with any adjustable lumbar cushions.

Adjustable Headrest

When it comes to an adjustable headrest, the Enki features a strap-based memory foam head cushion.

Meanwhile the Enki Pro comes with a magnetic-based memory foam head cushion that should be more stable as it won’t be as easily displaced.


Razer offers a 3 years warranty for the Enki and Enki Pro. It covers the mechanisms and moving parts of the chairs. Damages that are classified as normal wear and tear won’t be under warranty, however.