How to download free Astro Bot PSN avatars

This Seeking Tech guide will show you how to download several free Astro Bot avatars that are only available for a limited time. These are part of a gift for the Days of Play Community Challenge, and will expire on July 11 of 2024.

To get a voucher for the download, visit this link.

Afterwards, click on the Reveal Astro Avatar redemption code link to get the code.

The code will be different depending on the region you set your console to. I included the codes for the major regions below:

  • North American PlayStation Store: MKHX-PJGL-HQA2
  • European PlayStation Store: JPFQ-66LN-QGLJ
  • Australian PlayStation Store: JPFQ-66LN-QGLJ
  • New Zealand PlayStation Store: JPFQ-66LN-QGLJ
  • Japanese PlayStation Store: 4GDE-JE36-4L6E
  • Korean PlayStation Store: 8M8N-HE7E-A8XP
  • Hong Kong PlayStation Store: 7M3H-D6JE-JDAJ

Next, you need to enter the code on the PlayStation Store in order to redeem the free Astro Bot avatars.

You can find the new avatars by going to Profile from the main system menu. Afterwards, select Edit Profile and then Avatar.