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How to unlock the campaign in Pistol Whip on PS VR2

When you boot up Pistol Whip on your PlayStation VR2 headset for the first time, you may notice that you can’t select the Campaign mode in this rhythm action game. To see how you can unlock the story scenes, you can take a look at this tutorial from Seeking Tech.

You won’t be able to play the first two campaign chapters right away in the PlayStation 5 version of Pistol Whip. To unlock them, you have to first go through the levels in the Arcade Mode.

It took us around five level completions in Arcade before we unlock the first two campaigns in Pistol Whip. If you play through the tutorials in the game, you may be able to unlock the story a lot quicker.

The game will let you know when the first chapters will be available as you should see the following notification:

Unlock ravel the story.

Blast your way through the story-drive Scenes in each of Pistol Whip’s complete Campaigns.

Take in the wild west as gunslinger Jessie, or the robo-apocalypse future as cybersolider Asimov. Each campaign features new weapons and unique challenges.

If you select the “Take Me There” option from this notification, then you will see the following message:

Campaign Mode. Recommended for Experienced Players.

Battle through a cinematic story using preset styles. Accessibility modifiers available in the Styles menu.

Select the “I’m ready” option to go to the Campaign screen, where you can select which scene to play.

Once you complete the levels from the Campaign, you will be able to unlock them to be played from the Arcade mode as well.