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How to turn off PlayStation Plus Auto-Renew on PS5

If you want to turn off automatic renewal for your PlayStation Plus service directly on your PlayStation 5, you can follow this guide at Seeking Tech.

About PlayStation Plus

The PlayStation Plus is a subscription service for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.

You need to be a member in order to play most multiplayer games online. You will also get access to select games, which are added on a monthly basis, in addition to exclusive discounts and other benefits.

About PlayStation Plus Auto-Renew

Automatic renewal is enabled by default. Even if you turn off auto-renew, PlayStation will turn it back on every time you decide to re-subscribe or extend your subscription.

Turning Off PlayStation Plus Auto-Renew on PS5

To turn off the auto-renew option of the PlayStation Plus on PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, you can take the following steps:

1. After powering on your PS5 or PS5 Digital, select the user that has an active PlayStation Plus subscription (the profile image will be have a yellow plus sign).

2. On the main system menu, press up or the directional pad or left analog stick. This will give you access to the options on the upper tab. From there, press right on the D-pad or left analog stick until you get to “Settings” (which has a gear symbol). Press the X button with “Settings” highlighted to bring up the “Settings” menu.

3. In “Settings,” scroll select “Users and Accounts.”

4. In “Users and Accounts,” press right on the D-Pad and left analog stick and then select “Payment and Subscriptions.”

5. In “Payment and Subscriptions,” scroll down and select “Subscriptions.”

6. In “Subscriptions,” select “PlayStation Plus.”

7. In the PlayStation Plus menu, you get to see the current membership status, including the start date, next charge date and next renewal date. In the same menu, you also have two options: “Extend” and either “Turn-Off Auto-Renew” or “Turn-On Auto-Renew.”

8. If you see “Turn-On Auto-Renew,” then you don’t have to do anything as your PlayStation Plus subscription is already set to disable automatic renewal.

9. If you see “Turn-Off Auto-Renew,” then you should select that option. You will then be prompted to confirm your action, which you can do by selecting “Yes.”

10. Afterwards, you will see a feedback page where you can give a reason as to why you want to disable automatic renewal. You can choose a reason or simply skip it. Either way, you need to select “OK” for the final confirmation.

11. If done correctly, you will be right back at the PlayStation Plus menu and you will see “Turn-On Auto-Renew” as an option.

12. If you want to turn automatic renewal back on, you simply select the “Turn-On Auto-Renew” option from the PlayStation Plus menu.