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How to report a problem when cloud streaming PS5 games

When playing a PlayStation 5 game via cloud streaming, you may run into problems such as lost saved data, crashing, blurring, pixelization, lag, freezing and skipping.

If the issues are frequent, then you might want to consider reporting them to PlayStation so that they will hopefully get fixed in the future. To see how you can file a report, you can check out this tutorial from Seeking Tech.

1. With the cloud streaming game opened, press the PS button to open the Control Center menu.

2. From there, select the “Now streaming” card.

3. In the new menu, select Troubleshoot and then Report Problem.

4. You can then pick between any of the following:

  • Video Quality (Blurring or Pixelization)
  • Game Issue (Data Loss or Game Crash)
  • Controller Input (Lag or No Response)
  • Video Lag (Skipping or Freezing)
  • Other

5. You can then select the Send option.

6. You should see a “Thanks for your feedback” page. Here, you may want to select the box where Sony will contact you via email if they needed to do so.

Either way, select the Done option to complete your report filing.