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How to prevent water damages to JBL PartyBox 110

The PartyBox 110 is the latest portable speaker released by JBL in 2021.

You can take a look at this guide at Seeking Tech to see how you can prevent the 110 model of the PartyBox series from getting water damaged.

What in the IP rating for JBL PartyBox 110?

The PartyBox 110 has an ingress protection rating of IPX4.

In terms of water protection, this speaker should be shieled from water splashes from any directions. This product has not been rated for any protection against dust buildup.

How to prevent JBL PartyBox 110 from water damages

As you can see from the IP rating, the PartyBox 110 only offers limited water protection against splashes. Therefore, we recommend taking the following precautions when using this speaker:

1. Make sure you keep the protective covers for the back panel (this is where the USB, AUX in addition to other controllers and ports are located) and AC power closed at all time near water.

2. If you need to use the AC power or the back panel, then you need to keep your speaker away from water contact.

3. In general, it is recommended that you avoid putting the PartyBox 110 near any body of water such as the pool, sink or bathtub.

4. You should not place a drink, or any other types of water containers, on top of the speaker.

5. Furthermore, you should avoid using the product in a place that has extremely high humidity such as a sauna.

6. If you are recharging the PartyBox 110, it is very important that you keep the speaker and the AC power cable dry before doing so.

What to do when you get too much water on your JBL PartyBox 110

If you get too much water on your JBL PartyBox 110, you can take the following steps:

1. To begin, we recommend wearing rubber gloves before touching the water damaged speaker so that you won’t get potentially shocked.

2. Next, you need to turn off the speaker if it hasn’t already been turned off.

3. You should then remove any cables you have attached to the speaker.

4. Afterwards, move the speaker away from the water.

5. If you have any excess water, try to gently shake it off.

6. Finally, you have to wait until the PartyBox 110 completely air dries to room temperature. To be extra cautious, you can wait for a couple days.

We don’t recommend trying to speed up this process by using a heating source such as hair blow dryer as it may cause damages to your speaker.

7. After waiting until your speaker is dry again, you may want to try to turn it back on to see if it is still functioning normally.