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How to prevent and fix overheating issues with the Hisense U6G, U7G and U8G

Your Hisense U6G, U7G or U8G television set may feel hot when touched. You may also occasionally hear clicking or popping noises from your TV.

To see how you can prevent and fix these potential overheating issues, you can take a look at this troubleshooting guide at Seeking Tech.

Before we begin, it should be noted that this article should cover the following screen sizes from the U6G, U7G and U8G series:

  • 50″ U6G (50U6G)
  • 55″ U6G (55U6G)
  • 65″ U6G (65U6G)
  • 75″ U6G (75U6G)
  • 55″ U7G (55U7G)
  • 65″ U7G (65U7G)
  • 75″ U7G (75U7G)
  • 55″ U8G (55U8G)
  • 65″ U8G (65U8G)

Why does the Hisense U6G, U7G and U8G feel hot when touch?

In order to output sound and a picture, your Hisense U6G, U7G or U8G will need to use electricity. Like all electronics, the energy being utilized will generate heat.

Normally, the heat is dissipate from the U6G, U7G or U8G through the vents. If you use your TV for an extended length of time, however, then the heat dissipation system will get a little overwhelmed. As a result, your television set will feel hot when touched.

With that said, feeling hot to touch is completely normal as, according to Hisense, the heat won’t have a negative impact to the functionality and performance of your U6G, U7G or U8G.

Why do your Hisense U6G, U7G and U8G TV make clicking or popping noises?

When you are using your U6G, U7G or U8G, you may hear the TV making a clicking or popping noise. This happens when your television set heats up or cools down, causing the plastic on the television set to expand when heating up or contract when cooling down.

According to Hisense, these noises are perfectly normally and won’t hinder your TV’s functionality or performance.

How to prevent your U6G, U7G and U8G from getting hot

In order to prevent your Hisense U6G, U7G or U8G from getting hot, then you can try taking the following precautions:

1. First off, make sure that the room temperature is not too hot when you are using your Hisense television.

2. Furthermore, you should avoid placing the TV set near any heat source such as a space heater.

3. You should also avoid using the television in a high humidity environment.

4. Moreover, you shouldn’t place the U6G, U7G or U8G anywhere where it will have direct contact with sunlight.

5. Last but not least, you need to make sure you don’t cover the vents of your Hisense TV as these are needed to blow the hot air out of your set.

How to cool down a hot U6G, U7G and U8G

If you feel that your Hisense U6G, U7G or U8G is getting a little too hot, then you should be able to cool it down by doing the following:

1. Turn off the TV.

2. Unplug the power cable from the power outlet.

3. You may also want to consider cleaning any noticeable dust that may be blocking the vents. In order to do so, we recommend using a dry, lint-free cloth.

4. After unplugging the television set, and potentially cleaning it, we recommend waiting for the TV to cool down.

5. After waiting for the TV to reach a cooler temperature, you should be able to re-plug the power cable and then turn your U6G, U7G or U8G back on again.