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How to fix visible line issues with the A80K, A90K and A95K

When you turn on your Sony A80K, A90K or A95K, you may notice red, blue, green or white lines appearing on the OLED screen. To see how you can get rid of these distracting lines, you can take a look at this troubleshooting article from Seeking Tech.

This guide should cover the following screen sizes of Sony’s 2022 4K OLED TV models:

  • 55” BRAVIA XR A80K 4K HDR OLED TV (XR-55A80K)
  • 65” BRAVIA XR A80K 4K HDR OLED TV (XR-65A80K)
  • 77” BRAVIA XR A80K 4K HDR OLED TV (XR-77A80K)
  • 42” BRAVIA XR A90K 4K HDR OLED TV (XR-42A90K)
  • 48” BRAVIA XR A90K 4K HDR OLED TV (XR-48A90K)
  • 55” BRAVIA XR A95K 4K HDR OLED TV (XR-55A95K)
  • 65” BRAVIA XR A95K 4K HDR OLED TV (XR-65A95K)

1. If you are watching a TV channel, then the first step you can try is to switch over to another channel.

If you are using an antenna to receive your channels, then you can try moving it around to see if you can get the lines to go away.

2. If you are watching something through the HDMI port of your A80K, A90K or A95K, then you can try playing a different media.

You can also try using a different HDMI cable as the currently one you are using may be defective.

3. There may be a problem with the device that is connected to the HDMI port of your Sony OLED. In this scenario, you can try restarting the device, updating it to the latest firmware and/or factory resetting it.

4. If the TV channel and/or HDMI port does not appear to be the cause behind the red, blue, green or white lines showing up on the screen, then your problem may be related to the Panel Refresh feature.

For the uninformed, the function is designed to help remove any image retention that may have burn into the screen of your OLED. During this process, you should see red, blue, green or white lines appear on the TV.

In this case, we recommend that you leave your television set alone for at least 1 hour. If you still see the lines afterwards the aforementioned time length has passed, then you need to start the Panel Refresh feature again.

In order to do so, you need to go to the Settings menu of your OLED and then select Display & Sound > Expert Panel Settings > Panel Refresh.

5. If you are still seeing lines on the screen, then we recommend contacting Sony for additional support.