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How to fix slow internet speeds with the eero 6, eero 6+, eero Pro 6 and eero Pro 6E

You may experience slower than expected internet speed when using the eero 6, eero 6+, eero Pro 6 or eero Pro 6E. To see how you can make these Wi-Fi 6 routers faster, you can take a look at this troubleshooting article from Seeking Tech.

1. The first step we recommend taking is to try using a different device, switching to a different app and looking at a different website.

If switching to another activity managed to bring your internet speed back to normal, then the slow speeds may not be related to your router at all. Instead, a service outage may have occurred on the app or website you are using.

If the slow internet speed is only happening on a specific device, then we recommend turning off its internet connection and then turn it back on again. You can also try rebooting the device in addition to making sure that the internet connection between it and your eero router is properly set up.

2. If the internet speed is slow across multiple apps, devices and/or websites, then the next step you can try is to power cycle your eero Wi-Fi 6 router by taking the following steps:

  • Unplug the power cable from the back of your router.
  • Wait of at least 30 seconds.
  • Plug the power cable back into your router.
  • The LED light of your eero 6, eero 6+, eero Pro 6 or eero Pro 6E should turn solid white before blinking white during the boot up process.
  • Once the LED goes solid white again, then the power cycling process has been completed.

3. You can also try power cycling your modem by doing the following:

  • Unplug the power cable from your modem.
  • You then need to wait for at least 30 seconds.
  • Plug the power right back into your modem.
  • Wait until the modem complete its boot up process. This may end up taking several minutes.

4. If your eero router is connected to a different router or a modem/router hybrid, then you have a double NAT issue where your internet speed would end up being slower than expected.

If your eero router is connected to another router before it is connected to the modem, then we recommend that you remove the other router from the connection. By doing so, your eero router should be connected directly to your modem.

If your eero router is connected to a modem/router hybrid device, then you need to enable bridge mode on the hybrid. In order to do so, please refer to the user manual of the modem/router device. By using bridge mode, you will disable Wi-Fi on the hybrid networking device, which may end up speeding up your internet connection.

5. You can also make sure that your Internet Service Provider is suffering from any downtime and/or other connection issues. You can try contacting your ISP if the slow internet persists.

If you don’t think the ISP is the problem, and have tried everything else in this guide, then we recommend contacting the eero support team for additional support.

If you are having issues trying to update the firmware of the eero 6+ and eero Pro 6E, then you can check out this post.