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How to fix power, no sound and unresponsiveness issues with JBL PartyBox 110

When using your JBL PartyBox 110, the portable speaker may not appear to be powered on, may not be responding your button presses and/or may not be outputting any sound.

You can take a look at this troubleshooting guide at Seeking Tech to see how you can potentially fix these issues.

How to fix issues with the JBL PartyBox 110 not turning on

To begin to fix these issues, we suggest checking if your PartyBox 110 is powering on correctly.

1. The first step we recommend taking is to press the power button on your speaker.

If you see the indicator below the power button show a completely white light, then that indicates that your speaker should be turned on with more 80% battery life.

If you see a partial white light, then it means that the battery is between 15% to 80% charged.

If you see a red light, then the battery life is less than 15%.

If you don’t see any light at all, then it may be due to a depleted battery life.

2. If you don’t see any light coming out of the indicator below the power button, plug the AC power supply cord that came with the PartyBox 110 to the speaker and the other end of the cable to a power outlet.

3. After plugging the portable speaker into the power outlet, you should be able to turn it on by pressing the power button.

4. If the PartyBox 110 is still not turning on even when plugged in, then you can try plugging it into a different power outlet.

5. If the speaker is still not powering on, and it is still under warranty, then you can try contacting JBL.

How to fix unresponsiveness issues with JBL PartyBox 110

If you believe that your JBL PartyBox 110 but is not responding to your button presses, then you speaker may have been set to demo mode. In order to disable it, you need to press and hold the Play and Bass Boost buttons at the same time for five seconds.

If you are still experiencing responsiveness issues, then you can also try factory resetting the speaker by pressing and holding the Play and Lights button for 10 seconds. After your speaker has rebooted, you will need to pair it again to the source device.

If none of the aforementioned potential solutions work, and your PartyBox 110 is still under warranty, then we recommend contacting JBL.

How to fix sound issues with the JBL PartyBox 110

If your PartyBox 110 is turned on and is responding to your button presses but appears to be muted, then you can do the following:

1. First off, you can try rotating the wheel of the clockwise to increase the volume level.

2. You should also make sure that the connected source device is not muted.

You can try turning up the volume by pressing the volume up button of the device.

Furthermore, you can also try increasing the volume of the media player on the device if possible.

3. If you still can’t get any sound, then you can try connecting another device to your speaker.

4. If your PartyBox 110 still can’t play any sound after trying multiple devices, then you might want to consider contacting JBL if your product is still covered under warranty.