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How to fix Hisense U6G, U7G and U8G speaker audio issues

If you have a Hisense U6G, U7G or U8G, then the television speaker may sound distorted or randomly cuts out. The TV volume may also sound too low or be completely muted even if the screen is showing a picture.

In order to fix the sound quality issues with these TV sets, you can take a look at this troubleshooting guide at Seeking Tech.

Before we begin, it should be noted that this article is based on the following screen sizes from the Hisense U6G, U7G and U8G television series:

  • 50″ U6G (50U6G)
  • 55″ U6G (55U6G)
  • 65″ U6G (65U6G)
  • 75″ U6G (75U6G)
  • 55″ U7G (55U7G)
  • 65″ U7G (65U7G)
  • 75″ U7G (75U7G)
  • 55″ U8G (55U8G)
  • 65″ U8G (65U8G)

1. If you are getting audio issues while watching an over-the-air or cable channel, then you can disconnect and then reconnect the cable from the ANT/Cable tuner.

2. If you are using an antenna to get a signal for your television channels, then you can also try repositioning the antenna to see if you can get a stronger signal strength to see if you can get better audio.

3. If you are connecting another device through the composite input or HDMI input, then you can try disconnecting and then re-connecting the cables.

4. You can also try adjust the sound settings of the devices you have connected to your U6G, U7G or U8G.

5. Of course, you should make sure that you didn’t accidentally turn down the volume or mute the devices you have connected to your Hisense television.

6. Moreover, you can try to unplug the TV set from the power outlet, wait 30 seconds, re-plug it back into the power outlet and then turn it back on again.

7. If none of the aforementioned potential solutions work when it comes to fixing the sound quality of your TV speaker, then you might want to try changing the sound mode by taking the following steps:

  • Press the home button on your Hisense TV remote.
  • Select the gear icon in the menu.
  • Select Sound.
  • Select Sound Mode.
  • Select a preset.

8. You can also try enabling or disabling sound settings. In order to do so, press the home button on the remote, select the gear icon and then select Sound.

In the Sound menu, you will get the following customization options:

  • Audio Output
  • WiSA Speaker
  • eARC
  • TV Speaker
  • TruBass HDX
  • TruSurround: X
  • Dialog Clarity
  • TruVolume HD
  • Dolby Atmos

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to turn on the TV speakers if you are using eARC or enabled Bluetooth audio output through the Audio Output settings. So, make sure to turn these off in order to turn on the TV speakers of your Hisense television.

9. Furthermore, you can try adjusting the various sound parameters of your U6G, U7G or U8G.

To do so, press the home button on your remote, select the gear icon, select Sound and then select Advanced Settings.

You can then adjust the following:

  • Balance
  • Volume Level
  • Auto Volume Control
  • Digital Audio Out
  • Digital Audio Delay
  • Lip Sync
  • Equalizer
  • Preferred Audio Language
  • Headphone Mode
  • Headphone Volume

10. You can also reset the sound settings of your Hisense television to its original factory defaults, which may help resolve your sound issues.

To do so, press the home button on the Hisense remote, select the gear icon, select Sound and then select Reset.

11. Keep in mind that the U6G, U7G and U8G does not support the DTS CD bitstreams. As a result, playing back audio from that particular format may cause issues.