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How to beat Omega without Bards in Final Fantasy V

This Seeking Tech guide will show you how to beat Omega without using the Romeo’s Ballad ability from Bards.


When it comes to abilities, you should use a combination of Spellblade and Rapid Fire for one character who will be your main attacker. The rest of the characters should focus on healing with White Magic and Dualcast.

In terms of equipment, give your most powerful weapons to your main attacker. You should also equip Flame Rings and Ribbons for all your party members if you have any. Flame Rings will absorb the Atomic Ray and Flame Thrower fire-based attacks. Ribbons should block status infliction from the Rainbow Wind, Blaster and Delta Attack attacks.

The Flame Ring can be bought from the hidden armor store from the Phantom Village location.


When it comes to the fight, you should have your main attacker use Spellblade and then select Thundaga on their first turn. The rest of the party members should focus on healing or be on standby.

On the second turn, the main attacker should use Rapid Fire.

Afterwards, you need to get a little bit lucky in that Omega won’t use Encircle on the main attacker. Hopefully, he won’t confuse all your healers as well. If he does, then you should probably restart the fight.

Otherwise, focus on healing until your main attacker gets a turn again. Afterwards, have the attacker use Rapid Fire. Repeat this process until Omega goes down.

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