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How to adjust and change the screen size for Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X

When playing the Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X, you may notice that not all of the screen is shown. You may also see a black border, which indicates that the picture is not filling up your television or monitor display.

You can check out this guide at Seeking Tech to see how you can adjust and change the screen size.

Before we begin, it is important to note that you can’t directly adjust the aspect ratio or screen size on your Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X. Instead, the game console will provide a reference point that you can use.

1. To start out, make sure that your game system in turned on.

2. Next, press the Xbox button on the controller (this button has the Xbox logo and should be lit up) in order to launch the Guide menu.

3. Inside of the Guide menu, press the RB button on the controller a few times to switch over to the “Profile & system” tab.

4. In the “Profile & system” tab, select Settings.

5. After getting to the Settings menu, select General on the left side.

6. On the right side of the same menu, select “TV & display options.”

7. Inside the “General – TV & display options” menu, select Calibrate TV.

8. In the Calibrate TV menu, select Next.

9. In the “Recommended settings” screen, select Next.

10. In the “Aspect ratio & sharpness” screen, you should get your reference point.

11. With the screen from the previous step showing on your TV, use your television remote to open settings. If you are using a monitor, then you should open your monitor settings.

12. In the settings of your TV set or monitor, look for the option that will let you adjust the screen size or change the aspect ratio.

13. Your main objective is to make sure that the “Aspect ratio & sharpness” screen has a green line that stretches out to the entirety of your display.

14. You should also make sure that the square and circle shapes are perfect as these shouldn’t be stretched or squeezed.

15. If you can’t get the green lines to appear on your television, then you should aim to have the blue lines stretched to the entirety of your televisions screen or monitor.

16. Once you are done, you can press the Xbox button and then select Home to get back to the Home menu of your Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X.