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Fastest way to grind for ability points and gil in Final Fantasy V

This Seeking Tech guide will show you the best way to farm for ability points and gil in the Merged World of Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster.

The best spot to farm is on the Final Floor of the Interdimensional Rift. This area contains a save point that you can use to rest if needed.

It also contains the Mover, a group of enemies that will give you nearly 600 ability points for every victory. If you have boost enabled to the maximum at 4x for ability points, then you can earn almost 2400 per battle. You can also earn 150,000 gil per fight, or 600,000 gil if you enable boost to the maximum at 4x.

To farm, I recommend that you use Black Magic and Smoke for your abilities. Smoke will let you instantly run away from battles. Otherwise, you will get stuck in tough battles that will be hard to run away from when fighting other enemies in the same area.

Once you finally encounter the Mover, you should attack all three at once with Firaga. If you don’t defeat them in a few turns, then the battle will end, and you won’t get any rewards.