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What to do if you can’t fast travel in Starfield

You can use the fast travel feature to quickly move to another area in Starfield. If the game does not allow you to use this feature, then you can check out this troubleshooting article from Seeking Tech.

1. You won’t be able to fast travel if your character is currently in an instanced area. In this case, you need to first move to a different location.

2. Furthermore, you can’t fast travel if your character is falling or jumping. So, make sure that their feet are on the ground.

3. If you see the following message appear on the top right side of the screen:

You cannot fast travel when enemies are nearby.

Then it indicates that you are currently engaged in combat. In these scenarios, you can either defeat all the nearby enemies or run away far enough to break the line of sight of your enemies.

Once the bottom left indicator is no longer red, you should be able to fast travel.

4. When trying to travel to an unexplored system, then you should see the following notification appear:

You have not explored every system along this route. Try jumping to a closer system.

In this case, you need travel to a nearby system and then head into the unexplored system from there.

5. If you are trying to travel to an unexplored planet, then you have to travel there first and then scan it

6. It is also important to note that some planets may be protected by a faction. While you can still fast travel, your ship will be stopped before landing for inspection.