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How to redeem codes and get rewards in Zenless Zone Zero (PS5)

This Seeking Tech guide will show you how to redeem codes and get your rewards in the PlayStation 5 version of Zenless Zone Zero. To do so, you need to take the following steps:

1. To start off, play through the beginning of the game until you arrive at your base in the video store.

2. Next, open the pause menu by pressing the Options button on the controller.

3. From there, select More.

4. Afterwards, select Redemption Code.

5. You can then enter your code. The following codes are currently available at launch:

  • ZZZFREE100
  • ZZZ2024

6. Once you have entered your code, select Redeem.

7. When you are done redeeming your codes, close the Redemption Code menu.

8. You then need to select More again from the pause menu.

9. Afterwards, select Mail.

10. In the Mail menu, press the Square button on the controller to claim all of your rewards.