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JBL Go 3: How to pair, check battery and factory reset

Last Updated on 04/04/2023

The JBL Go 3 is a new miniature portable speaker. You can check out this step-by-step guide from Seeking Tech to see how you can pair, check the battery status and factory reset this product.

How to pair the JBL Go 3 to another Bluetooth device

To connect your JBL Go 3 to another device through Bluetooth (such as a computer, smartphone or tablet), you need to take the following steps:

1. First off make sure that the Go 3 and the other devices have been turned on.

2. On the other device, you should also make sure that you have Bluetooth enabled. You should also navigate to the Bluetooth menu where you can see what devices are in range.

3. Press the Bluetooth button on the JBL Go 3.

4. The JBL Go 3 should then show up in the Bluetooth menu of the other device. Make sure that the speaker is connected to the other device to complete the pairing.

How to fix JBL Go 3 Bluetooth connection issues

If you are experiencing issues with Bluetooth pairing or maintaining a Bluetooth connection with your JBL Go 3, you can try the following fixes:

1. Try to move the Go 3 speaker closer to the connected device. There should also be no obstructions, such as a wall, blocking the line of sight between the two. Furthermore, you should make sure that there isn’t any wireless interference such as microwave, Wi-Fi and other Bluetooth devices being nearby.

2. Turn off both your JBL Go 3 speaker and connected device and then turn them back on again. You can also try forgetting the Bluetooth pairing and then re-pair the speaker with the other device again.

3. If you are connecting the speaker with a computer, you should try updating the Bluetooth drivers. When it comes to computer support, the Go 3 supports the A2DP and AVRCP Bluetooth protocols.

How to check battery status the JBL Go 3

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell the exact percentage of battery life for your JBL Go 3. With that said, the LED indicator in between the power and Bluetooth buttons will start to blink red when the speaker is getting low on battery.

At that point, you should recharge by using the included USB cable. The LED indicator should then display a solid red light when the battery is recharging.

The JBL Go 3 has a battery life of up to 5 hours when its battery is fully charge. That amount could change depending on the volume level, media type being played as well as other factors.

How to factory reset the JBL Go 3

To restore the JBL Go 3 to its default factory settings, you need to take the following steps:

1. Turn the speaker on.

2. Press and hold the + button and the Bluetooth button on the speaker until the Go 3 turns itself off. This should take around three to five seconds.

Does the JBL Go 3 support Aux input, Connect+, Partyboost, Speakerphone or Voice Assistant?

The JBL Go 3 does not support Aux input as the only way you can connect it to another device is through Bluetooth.

The Go 3 also does not support JBL’s Connect+ or Partyboost as you won’t be able to pair it with another JBL speaker.

Last but not least, the JBL Go 3 does not have a built-in microphone. Therefore, it can’t be used as a speakerphone. It also does not support any type of voice assistance.