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How to update the Nintendo Switch OLED dock firmware

The new dock that comes with the Nintendo Switch OLED system can get firmware updates. In order to do so, you can check out this step-by-step tutorial from Seeking Tech.

1. Before we begin, it should be noted that only the firmware of the new dock can be updated. The old dock that came with the original Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a firmware to update.

For the uninformed, this new dock should have a built-in LAN port and a model number of HEG-007.

2. It should also be noted that the portable-only Nintendo Switch Lite can’t be put on the new dock. Therefore, you won’t be able to update the firmware of the new dock by using the Switch Lite handheld.

Instead, you need either the original Switch model or the new Switch OLED.

3. The first step is to update to the latest firmware for your Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch OLED if you haven’t done so already.

To begin, turn on your system.

4. If your system is connected to the Internet and there is a new firmware available, then your system should automatically download the update file.

If you don’t see a notification for the automatic firmware update and your system is connected online, you can do a manual update by first selecting System Settings in the Home menu.

5. In System Settings, select System from the left column.

6. On the right side, select System Update.

7. If there is a new firmware for your Switch or Switch OLED is available, then the download for the file will start.

8. Now that the firmware of your system is up to date, go back to the Home menu and then select System Settings once again.

9. Inside the System Settings menu, select System from the list of options available on the left side.

10. On the right screen of the same menu, select Update Dock.

11. In the next screen, select Begin Update.

12. If, for some reason, the firmware update for the new dock stops before completion, you need to repeat steps #10 and #11.