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How to transfer Beat Saber DLC music packs from PS VR1 to PS VR2

Beat Saber is now available for the PlayStation VR2. If you already purchased the game for PlayStation VR1, then you can download the upgrade for free on the PS VR2. You can even download the DLC music packs you previously purchased for the PS VR1 version to the new release at no additional costs.

To find out how you can transfer the downloadable content for this virtual reality music game, you can take a look at this tutorial from Seeking Tech.

It is important to note that your DLC won’t be transferred automatically to the PlayStation VR2 version of Beat Saber. This is true even if you have the PS VR1 version of the game installed on the same PlayStation 5 console. Instead, you have to manually re-download the songs.

1. In order to transfer the DLC music packs, your first step is to make sure you are logged into the same PlayStation Network account that you used to purchase the songs.

2. Next, go to the home screen of your PS5 if you aren’t there already.

You can do so quickly by simply pressing and holding the PS button of the DualSense, Left PlayStation VR2 Sense Controller or Right PlayStation VR2 Sense Controller.

3. In the home screen, move the cursor over to the PS5 version of Beat Saber and then move navigate downwards.

4. At the bottom, you should see the Add-Ons section for Beat Saber on PS5. To see the full list of DLC songs for this game, move the cursor all the way to the right and then select the “View All Add-Ons” option.

5. Any of the DLC songs you previously purchased should show up as free. Select the song that you want to download.

6. On the product page for the Beat Saber DLC song, you then need to select the Download option.

7. Once the music pack has been downloaded, you should be able to find it unlocked when playing the PlayStation VR2 version of Beat Saber.