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How to prevent the LinkBuds S from getting liquid damage

If your Sony LinkBuds S gets too wet, then its sound output and noise cancellation effects may weaken. Furthermore, you may hear unusual sound coming from the ear buds. In the worst-case scenario, the ear phones will suffer from permanent liquid damage.

To see how you can prevent the LinkBuds S from getting water damage, you can take a look at this guide from Seeking Tech.

What is the IP rating for the Sony LinkBuds S?

The LinkBuds S has an ingress protection rating of IPX4, which means that it should be shield against water splashes from any direction.

This rating only applies to fresh water, tap water and sweat. Any other types of liquid aren’t guaranteed to be shielded from the ear buds.

How to prevent the LinkBuds S from getting too wet

Although the Sony LinkBuds S offers some protection, it is not remotely waterproof. To prevent liquid damage, you can try taking the following precautionary steps:

1. Avoid touching the LinkBuds S if you have wet hands.

2. Be careful when wearing the ear phones near any body of water. Make sure that the buds don’t fall off your ears and into the liquid.

3. Avoid using the device in very humid environment.

4. Do not place the earphones in damp clothing.

5. Keep in mind that the charging case does not offer any water protection. Therefore, we recommend that you keep the case dry at all times.

6. If you decide to wear the earphones during a rainstorm or any other situations where it could be exposed to a significant amount of water splashes, then you can try wearing a hood or other similar water-resistant clothing to help keep LinkBuds as dry as possible.

How to properly dry the Sony LinkBuds S when it gets wet

If your LinkBuds S gets too wet, then we recommend taking the following steps in order to properly dry the device:

1. If you haven’t done so already, make sure you turn off your ear phones.

To see how to do so, you can take a look at this article.

2. If the ear buds are still in the charging case, then make sure disconnect the case from its power source and then take the buds out.

3. If the LinkBuds S has been exposed to liquid other than tap or fresh water, then we recommend that you clean all parts of the device.

To find out how you can properly do so, you can visit this tutorial.

4. To dry the ear phones and charging case, you need to shake them several times to get the liquid to drip out from the insides.

Make sure you remove the ear bud tips before shaking. Otherwise, the tips may block the liquid from dripping out.

Furthermore, we also recommend that you try to shake the ear phones and charging case at different angels.

5. Next, you need to use a dry soft cloth to wipe off any visible wet spots you see.

6. Once you are done with wiping the Sony LinkBuds S dry, we suggest that you let the earphones and charging case air dry at room temperature.

7. After waiting for the device to air dry, you can try turning it on and then testing it to see if there is any liquid damage.