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How to fix pronunciation errors when using Clipchamp AI voices

This Seeking Tech guide will show you how to fix pronunciation errors when using Clipchamp AI text-to-speech voices.

Phonetic Spellings

For the first potential fix, you can try intentionally misspelling the word to get the AI to output the sound you want. This can be especially helpful if you try to get it to pronounce an unusual name.

For example, you can spell “Xenogears” as “Zeeno-gears.”

If you want the AI to say a number the way you want, then you need to spell it out completely instead of just typing in a number.

Instead of “2024,” you should use “Twenty Twenty-Four.”

Changing The Text

You can also try changing the text input. To do so, you can replace the mispronounced word with a synonym.

You can also try keeping the word and, instead, rewrite the rest of the sentence to give it proper context. This may help the AI understand the proper pronunciations for heteronyms words such as content, close, lead, read, wound and more.

Using a Different Voice

Some AI voices in Clipchamp may be better at pronouncing certain words when compared to others. Therefore, you can try using a different voice type.