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How to change Clipchamp AI voice speed and remove pauses

This Seeking Tech guide will explain how you can change the speed of the Clipchamp AI speech output, in addition to teaching you how you can remove any long awkward pauses.

Changing Speeds

The easiest way to change how fast the AI talks is by using the Pace slider. You can find it in the Advance settings section in the Text-to-Speech box.

You can use the slider to slow down the cadence of the speech output. You can also use it to make the AI talk faster.

Removing Pauses

If the speech output has a lot of awkward pauses, then you can try replacing a period with a comma. This is because a comma should result is a shorter pause when compared to using a period, which tells the AI to do a full stop.

If you find the comma pauses to be still too long, then you can manually trim the audio with the timeline. To do so, you need to do the following:

  1. Save the audio to the timeline.
  2. Use the trim tool to split the audio into different parts, isolating the pauses.
  3. Delete the long pauses.
  4. Combine the rest of the audio.

If you have a long sentence, then you can try rewriting it into multiple shorter sentences as well. The AI voices in Clipchamp can struggle with pacing if a sentence gets too long. So, you can try simplifying longer sentences.