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How to fix ‘no eero found’ issue when adding eero 6, eero 6+, eero Pro 6 and eero Pro 6E

If you are trying to add a new eero 6, eero 6+, eero Pro 6 or eero Pro 6E to your home network, then the eero app may show a “No eero found” message.

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1. The first step you can take is to make sure that the new router is plugged into the power outlet as it needs to be turned on in order to be registered. You can also try plugging it into a different power outlet as the one you are currently using could be defective.

2. You should also use the power adapter that came with your eero 6, eero 6+, eero Pro 6 or eero Pro 6E. Otherwise, a different adapter may end up causing issues with your new router.

3. Make sure that the Bluetooth connection is turned on for the smartphone or mobile device that has the eero app installed.

4. If you have multiple eero routers already installed, then you need to make sure that the new eero router is within 50 feet of the closest node.

5. The smartphone or mobile device should also be within the Bluetooth range of your new eero router.

We recommend moving the phone or mobile device to as close to the router as possible. You should also avoid having solid objects blocking the direct line of sight, as well as any other nearby wireless devices, as these may interfere with the Bluetooth connection.

You can tell that eero is within range of your smartphone or mobile device as the LED indicator of the router should be blinking blue.

5. You can also try hard resetting your eero 6, eero 6+, eero Pro 6 or eero Pro 6E by pressing and holding the reset button on the router. Keep holding the reset button until your router starts to blink red, which indicates that it is going through a hard reset.

6. Power cycling your new eero router may also help fix the “no eero found” issue.

In order to do so, unplug the router from its power adapter. Afterwards, you need to may for 30 seconds at a minimum.

Once at least 30 seconds have passed, you need to plug the power adapter back into the router.

Next, wait for the eero router to fully reboot before trying to add it to your home network again.

7. If you are still getting the same message, then you can try to manually register your router by doing the following:

  • On the eero app on your smartphone or mobile device, try to add the new eero router.
  • If your phone or mobile device can’t locate the router through Bluetooth, then you need to tap the “Set up using serial number.”
  • Next, you need to locate the serial number for the eero router, which you can find at the bottom side of your unit.
  • Enter the serial number into the eero app.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions of the app to complete the setup for your new eero router.

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