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How to fix Android 13 slowdown issues on Pixel 6 phones

Your Google Pixel 6, Google Pixel 6a of Google Pixel 6 Pro may be running slower than usual after you update it to the new Android 13 operating system. To see how you can potentially fix this problem, you can take a look at this troubleshooting article from Seeking Tech.

1. The first step you can try is to see if there are any updates that you can download for the applications you have installed on your smartphone.

In order to do, you can try taking the following steps:

  • Start off by going to the Google Play Store App.
  • Once you get to the front page of the storefront, you then need to tap your Google profile picture, which you can find on the right side of the search bar located at the top of the screen.
  • In the pop-up Google menu, you then need to select Manage Apps & Device.
  • After getting to the Manage Apps & Device menu, you should see if there are any updates available. If there are, then you need to select the Update All option.

2. A new software update for the Android 13 operating system may also help speed up your Pixel 6 series phone. To manually check if there is a new version available, you can try doing the following:

  • The first step is to open the Settings App.
  • From the front page of the Settings menu, you then need to scroll down and then select System.
  • After arriving in the System menu, you need to tap the System Update option.
  • Your phone will then check to see if a new software version is available. If you want to check again, you can tap the Check for Update option.
  • If there is a new version, then the phone should start downloading and installing it automatically.

3. The Device Health Services App may have caused your Pixel 6, Pixel 6a or Pixel 6 Pro to run slower than usual. In this case, you can try deleting the data of this application by taking the following steps:

  • First off, you need to head to the Settings App.
  • You should then tap the App option in Settings.
  • Next, you need to tap the See All Apps option in the Apps menu.
  • Now that you are in the All Apps menu, you need to tap Device Health Services.
  • In the App Info screen, tap Manage Space.
  • Finally, tap Clear All Data in the Clear Storage screen.

4. The next potential solution is to factory reset your phone and then re-install Android 13 by doing the following:

  • To start up, make sure you back up any important data and files you have stored on your Pixel 6 phone. Otherwise, they will be deleted during the factory reset process.
  • Once you are ready to begin, you need to open the Settings App.
  • In Settings, navigate down and then select System.
  • Inside of the System menu, you should then tap Reset Options.
  • After you arrived at the Reset Options menu, you need to select Erase All Data (Factory Reset).
  • When the factory reset process is completed, you need to initialize your Pixel 6 series phone.
  • Afterwards, update your device to Android 13 again.