How to fix Alienware AW3423DW blurry, shaky and other screen problems

When using the 34” Alienware AW3423DW Curved QD-OLED, you may experience the following problems: Blurriness Distortion Fuzziness Ghosting Jittery Video Scrambled Video Shakiness Tearing To see how you can potentially fix these issues with the gaming monitor, you can take a look at this troubleshooting article from Seeking Tech. How to fix blurriness, fuzziness and … Read more

What’s the difference between Alienware AW310K, AW410K and AW510K?

The AW410K is the latest Mechanical Gaming Keyboard from Alienware. So how does the new product compare against other similar keyboards, the AW310K and AW510K? You can find out in this comparison guide between the three. Quick Summary The main difference between the three New Alienware Mechanical Gaming Keyboards is that the AW410K uses Cherry … Read more