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How to add flashlight back tap shortcut to Pixel 6

With the Google Pixel 6, Google Pixel 6a and Google Pixel 6 Pro, you can add a back tap shortcut in order to use your smartphone as a flash light. To find out how to do so, you can take a look at this tutorial from Seeking Tech.

Downloading the Android 13 Firmware

The flashlight back tap shortcut was added in Android 13. So, if you haven’t updated your phone to that operating system, then make sure you do so.

The Pixel 6 series came out starting in 2021; therefore, you should be able to update to Android 13.

In order to manually update your smartphone, you can try doing the following:

1. Open and unlock you Pixel 6 series phone if you haven’t done so already.

2. Now that you can interact with your smartphone, you then need to go to the Settings App.

3. In the Settings App, you first need to select the System option located near the bottom of the list.

4. Inside the System screen, you should then select System Update.

5. From the System update screen, select Check for Update.

6. Wait for the firmware to complete.

How to add flashlight to the back tap shortcut to Pixel 6, Pixel 6a and Pixel 6 Pro

Once your Google Pixel 6, Google Pixel 6a or Google Pixel 6 Pro has been updated to Android 13, you will be able to add the flashlight back tap shortcut by doing the following:

1. Once again, you should head over to the Settings App.

2. On the front page of the Settings application you need to scroll down and then tap System.

3. After getting to the System screen, you then need to head over to Gestures.

4. Select the Quick Tap to Start Actions option in the Gestures menu.

5. Once you get to the Quick Tap to Start Actions menu, you first need to make sure that the Use Quick Tap settings is enabled.

6. Next, you need to select the Toggle Flashlight option from the same Quick Tap to Start Actions menu.

7. Exit out of the Quick Tap to Start Actions menu and then double tap the back of your Pixel 6, Pixel 6a or Pixel 6 Pro.

You should be able to turn on the flashlight feature of your phone.

8. If you are having a hard time trying to activate and deactivate the flashlight, then make sure that you are taping towards the middle port on the back of your phone.

If you are using a protective case, then it may be causing issues with your phone not being able to recognize the back taps. In this scenario, you can try applying more pressures to the back taps. Alternatively, you can try removing the case to see if the device will become more responsive to your inputs.

9. If you keep accidentally turning on your flashlight, then you can go back to the aforementioned Quick Tap to Start Actions menu. From there, you can turn on the require Stronger Taps setting.

If you can’t unlock your Pixel 6a, then you can check out this link to see what actions you can take.