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What are the best official Samsung Galaxy S20, 20 Plus and S20 Ultra covers?

If you are planning to get either a Samsung Galaxy S20, 20 Plus or S20 Ultra, then it would make a lot of sense that you try to protect your expensive smartphone as well. This guide will help you find the official Samsung covers that best fit your needs and wants.

Before we take a look at the many available options, it is important to know that each case comes with a 1-year warrant along with a Quick Start Guide.

Samsung currently has seven official Samsung Galaxy S20, 20+ and S20 Ultra covers available: Kvadrat Back Cover, Leather Back Cover, LED Wallet Cover, Protective Smart LED Back Cover, Rugged Protective Cover, Silicone Back Cover and S-View Flip Cover. You can check out the benefits for each case below:

Kvadrat Back Cover

The Kvadrat Back Cover is made of recycled material that is 100 percent compostable. It is also easy-to-hold and add very little bulk to you smartphone. Thus, this is perfect for those who are environmentally conscience and/or want a slim casing.

If you are interested, you can buy the Kvadrat Back Case on Amazon.

Leather Back Cover

This type is made of genuine leather, which makes it easy and comfortable to hold. Furthermore, it also won’t add to much extra bulk to the S20, S20+ or S20 Ultra. So this is great for those who just want a simple case for their phone.

If you are interested, you can buy the Leather Back Case on Amazon via this link.

LED Wallet Cover

This neat cover uses a colorful LED display on the backside for notifications such as incoming calls and messages, showing the current time and more. You can even customize the icons shown based on your contacts. The LED Wallet Case also double as a wallet as the included inside pocket can hold a credit card, debit card, transit card or another type of card of similar size.

The cover uses a shell-type design to protect your S20. It also has a fabric-like surface that makes the smart phone comfortable to grip. Overall, the LED Wallet Cover is perfect if you want that convenience and customizability of a LED display.

You can purchase the LED Wallet Case on Amazon.

Protective Smart LED Back Cover

The Protective Smart LED Back Cover features a LED display where it can countdown to when a picture is taken. It also features mood lighting as its lights will fade in and out when you turn on your Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20+ or Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. The same lights will also activate during incoming calls, messages and other notifications.

The Protective Smart LED Back Case provides a simpler display when compared to the aforementioned LED Wallet Case. So, if you want a fully-featured LED display, you may want to go with the LED Wallet Cover instead.

With that said, Protective Smart LED Back Cover is also more affordable. If you don’t care about any of the extra features from the LED Wallet Cover, then the Protective Smart LED may be the better choice.

You can find the Protective Smart LED Back Cover with this link on Amazon.

Rugged Protective Cover

The Rugged Protective Cover is designed to deflect and absorb most high impact damages, such as drops, to your Galaxy S20. It has been drop tested based on military standards. Aside from protection, this case also features built-in kickstands (so that you can place your phone on a viewable angle in order to watch videos) as well as leaving room where the entire infinity display can be shown.

Overall, the Rugged Protective Cover is the best option available when it comes to protecting your phone. Not to mention that you also get to use the kickstands as an added bonus.

If you are interested, you can buy the Samsung Galaxy S20 Rugged Protective Case on Amazon.

Silicone Back Cover

The Silicone Back Cover uses a soft-touch silicone surface with non-slippery material so that you can get a firm and comfy grip. Its ultra slim design means that it protect your phone while not adding any egregious bulk at the same time.

The Silicone Back Cover has the same benefits as the Leather Back Drop; so, if you are picking between these two types, your decision should depend on rather you like the feel of silicone or leather better.

If you are still interested, you can purchase the Silicone Back Cover for the Samsung S20 series of smartphones with this link on Amazon.

S-View Flip Cover

The S-View Flip Cover is designed to protect both the front and back sides of the Samsung Galaxy S20, S0 Plus and S20 Ultra. On the front side, this type of case comes with flap covers to shield against scratches on the screen.

Another neat feature is that you will be able to control your smart phone without opening the flip cover as you can respond to incoming alarms, events and phone calls. The slimmer design leave room for the infinity display of your smartphone while the patterned front screen is designed to diffuse any light reflection.

Overall, this is a great case if you also want to protect the front side of your phone. Not to mention that it comes with extra benefits.

You can purchase the S-View Flip Cover, if you are interested, on Amazon.


If you just want a basic back cover for your Samsung Galaxy S20, then you should get either Leather, Kvadrat or Silicone. Kvadrat is the most environmentally friendly out of the three if you care about this planet’s sustainability. Otherwise, your choice comes down to which material you like touching and gripping to over the other two choices.

If you want a hard case with drop protection, then the Rugged Protective Cover is the best available option.

The Samsung Galzxy S20 LED Wallet Cover is the best if you want to take full advantage of the added LED features. The Protective Smart LED Back Cover is also a good choice if you want a more affordable option.

If you want to protect the front side of your phone as well, then the S-View Flip Cover is perfect for you.