What cameras are compatible with Delkin Devices memory cards?

Delkin Devices have several memory cards that you can use for photo and video shooting. You can follow this guide to see which camera is compatible with a specific Delkin card. Delkin Devices Advantage SDXC UHS-I (V30) Memory Card Compatible Cameras The following cameras can be used with the Delkin Devices Advantage SDXC UHS-I (V30): … Read more

Delkin MicroSD Cards: Select vs. Advantage vs. Prime vs. Power

Delkin has several microSD Cards currently available. So, what are the main differences between the Select, Advantage, Prime and Power models? You can find out in this comparison guide. Quick Summary The Delkin Prime and Delkin Power are tied with having the best maximum reading speed. The Delkin Power also has the best maximum writing … Read more