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Razer Viper Mini vs. Razer Viper vs. Razer Viper Ultimate

Razer has three variants of the Viper Gaming Mouse with the mini, standard and ultimate versions. So, what are the main differences between these?

You can find out in this comparison guide.

Quick Summary

When compared to the Razer Viper Mini and Razer Viper, the Razer Viper Ultimate has the highest maximum sensitivity, highest maximum speed and most on-board memory profiles.

The Viper Ultimate is also tied with the standard Viper with having the highest maximum acceleration, most programmable buttons and most switch durability. Furthermore, the ultimate version is the only mouse in the series to offer a wireless connection option as well as compatibility with the Razer Mouse Dock Chroma.

So, if you want the most features and best performance metrics, then you should get the Razer Viper Ultimate.

While the Razer Viper Mini is the most affordable, it lacks features and performs worse than the other two mouses.

The standard Razer Viper is a middle ground between affordability and performance.

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Viper Mini vs. Viper vs. Viper Ultimate Comparison Chart

 Razer Viper Mini Gaming Mouse (RZ01-03250100-R3U1)Razer Viper Gaming Mouse (RZ01-02550100-R3U1)Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse (RZ01-03050200-R3U1)
Weight61 grams (or 0.13 pound)69 grams (or 0.15 pound)74 grams (or 0.16 pound)
DimensionsLength: 118.30 mm (or 4.66 in)

Grip Width: 53.50 mm (or 2.11 in)

Height 38.30 mm (or 1.51 in)
Length: 126.73 mm (or 4.99 in)

Grip Width: 57.60 mm (or 2.27 in)

Height 37.81 mm (or 1.49 in)
Length: 126.73 mm (or 4.99 in)

Grip Width: 57.60 mm (or 2.27 in)

Height 37.81 mm (or 1.49 in)
Form FactorFalse-AmbidextrousTrue-AmbidextrousTrue-Ambidextrous
Wired ConnectivityRazer Speedflex CableRazer Speedflex CableRazer Speedflex Cable
Wireless ConnectivityNoneNoneRazer HyperSpeed Wireless
Battery LifeN/AN/AUp to 70 hours
RGB LightingRazer Chroma RGB UnderglowRazer Chroma RGB.Razer Chroma RGB.
Maximum Sensitivity8500 DPI16000 DPI20000 DPI
Maximum Speed300 IPS450 IPS650 IPS
Maximum Acceleration35 G50 G50 G
Switch TypeOpticalOpticalOptical
Switch Lifecycle50 million clicks70 million clicks70 million clicks
On-Board Memory Profiles115
Mouse Feet100% PTFE100% PTFE100% PTFE
Tilt Scroll Wheel?NoNoNo
Dock CompatibilityNot supportedNot supportedRazer Mouse Dock Chroma
Warranty2 years2 years2 years
PricingCheck price on Amazon.Check price on Amazon.Check price on Amazon.


The Viper Ultimate is the heaviest out of the three while the Viper Mini is the lightest. The standard version is in the middle of the road.

You can check out the weight specifications between the three versions below:

  • Viper Mini: 61 grams (or 0.13 pound)
  • Viper: 69 grams (or 0.15 pound)
  • Viper Ultimate: 74 grams (or 0.16 pound)


The Razer Viper and Razer Viper Ultimate are identical in terms of physical of size, which is longer and wider than the miniature version. With that said, the Razer Viper Mini is slightly taller than the other two gaming mouses.

You can take a look at the exact measurements for all three products below:

Razer Viper Mini:

  • Length: 118.30 mm (or 4.66 in)
  • Grip Width: 53.50 mm (or 2.11 in)
  • Height 38.30 mm (or 1.51 in)

Razer Viper:

  • Length: 126.73 mm (or 4.99 in)
  • Grip Width: 57.60 mm (or 2.27 in)
  • Height 37.81 mm (or 1.49 in)

Razer Viper Ultimate:

  • Length: 126.73 mm (or 4.99 in)
  • Grip Width: 57.60 mm (or 2.27 in)
  • Height 37.81 mm (or 1.49 in)

Form Factor

The Viper Mini uses the False-Ambidextrous form factor while the Viper and Viper Ultimate use the True-Ambidextrous form factor.

Wired Connectivity

For a wired connection, all three computer mouses in this versus guide use a Razer Speedflex Cable, which is designed to provide less drag when compared to a standard cable.

Wireless Connectivity

The Razer Viper Ultimate is the only PC mouse of this group to use a wireless connection. The product utilizes the Razer HyperSpeed Wireless, which provides 25% faster connection speed when compared to other wireless types.

Battery Life

The Viper Ultimate has a battery life of up to 70 hours.

RGB Lighting

For RGB lighting, the Viper Mini features Razer Chroma RGB Underglow while both the Viper and Ultimate versions feature Razer Chroma RGB.


The three PC mouses are all equipped with an optical sensor.

Maximum Sensitivity

The Razer Viper Ultimate Mouse has the highest maximum sensitivity, which is measured in dots per inch (or DPI), followed by the standard version. The miniature version has the lowest max sensitivity.

You can take a look at the sensitivity specs below:

  • Viper Mini: 8500 DPI
  • Viper: 16000 DPI
  • Viper Ultimate: 20000 DPI

Maximum Speed

The ultimate version also has the highest maximum speed, which is measured in inches per second (or IPS). The mini Viper has the slowest max speed while the standard Viper is in the middle of the pack.

You can check out the IPS specifications below:

  • Viper Mini: 300 IPS
  • Viper: 450 IPS
  • Viper Ultimate: 650 IPS

Maximum Acceleration

The Razer Viper and Razer Viper Ultimate are tied for having the highest maximum acceleration while the miniature version comes in last once again. You can find the stats below:

  • Viper Mini: 35 G
  • Viper: 50 G
  • Viper Ultimate: 50 G

Programmable Buttons

The Viper and Viper Mini include 8 programmable buttons apiece. The miniature mouse has less customizations as you get 6 programmable buttons.

Switch Type

The three PC mouses in this comparison utilize optical switches.

Switch Lifecycle

The regular and ultimate variants of the Viper have the most durable switches with a lifespan of 70 million clicks apiece. The miniature variant is less durable than the competition with a lifespan of 50 million clicks.

On-Board Memory Profiles

The Viper Mini and Viper come with one on-board memory profile. The Viper Ultimate comes with five on-board memory profiles.

Mouse Feet

All three versions of the Razer Viper use 100% PTFE, which allows for smooth scrolling across most surfaces.

Tilt Scroll Wheel

None of the gaming mouses have a tilt scroll wheel.

Dock Compatibility

The Ultimate is the only version of the Razer Viper series to support the Razer Mouse Dock Chroma, which you can purchase on Amazon with this link.


The Razer Viper Mini Gaming Mouse, Razer Viper Gaming Mouse and Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse each comes with a 2-year warranty.