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PS5 Compatible 120fps ASUS Monitors

One of the new features of the PlayStation 5, as well as the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, is the ability to play games at 120 frames per second. You can follow this guide to find which 120 Hz ASUS gaming monitors are compatible with the new Sony game console.

PS5 Compatible ASUS 1080p and 120 fps Monitors

Several computer monitors from the ASUS MG, PA, PG, VA, VG, VP and XG series are capable of displaying PS5 games at 1080p (1920 x 1080) and 120 frames per second. You can find the list of supported screens below:

MG Series:

  • MG278Q
  • MG279Q

PA Series:

  • PA328CGV

PG Series:

  • PG35VQ
  • PG65UQ
  • PG259QN
  • PG259QNR
  • PG279QM
  • PG32UQX
  • PG329Q
  • PG32UQ
  • PG43UQ

VA Series:

  • VA326H
  • VA326HE

VG Series:

  • VG27AQGL1A
  • VG27AQ1A
  • VG258QM
  • VG32VQ1BR
  • VG249Q
  • VG249Q1A
  • VG24VQ
  • VG24VQE
  • VG24VQ-J
  • VG24VQR
  • VG247Q1A
  • VG279Q1A
  • VG279QL1A
  • VG27VH1B
  • VG27VH1BR
  • VG27VH1BY
  • VG27WQ1B
  • VG328H1B
  • VG32VQ
  • VG32VQ1B
  • VG32VQE
  • VG34VQL1B

VP Series:

  • VP249QGR

XG Series:

  • XG279Q-G
  • XG27AQ
  • XG27UQ
  • XG16AHP
  • XG16AHPE
  • XG16AHPE-W
  • XG16AHP-W
  • XG17AHP
  • XG17AHPE
  • XG32VC
  • XG32VQR
  • XG349C
  • XG438Q
  • XG438QR
  • XG43UQ
  • XG43VQ
  • XG49VQ
  • XG27WQ
  • XG248Q

PS5 Compatible ASUS 4K and 120 fps Monitors

ASUS also has a few 4K and 120 Hz monitors that are able to play PlayStation 5 games at 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) and 120 frames per second. You can find the list of compatible PC screens below:

PG Series:

  • PG32UQ

XG Series:

  • XG43U

Keep in mind that, in order to play PS5 games in 4K and 120 frames per second, you need to be using a HDMI 2.1 cable. Fortunately, the PlayStation 5 comes packed with one.

If you are looking for an extra one, then we recommend the Zeskit 8K Ultra HD High Speed 48 Gpbs HDMI 2.1 Cable, which you can find out more about here.

If you are looking for a 120Hz ASUS monitor that is compatible with Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, you can check out this guide.

About PS5 Compatibility with ASUS 1440p/120Hz Monitors

Although ASUS has a lot of 1440p (2560 x 1440) monitors with a 120Hz refresh rate, the PlayStation 5 currently does not natively support 1440p resolution. However, Sony has stated that they may add support via a future firmware update to the videogame system if there is enough demand. With that said, you are limited to either 1080p or 4K for now.

How to play PS5 games at 120 frames per second on ASUS monitors

In order to play PlayStation 5 games at 120 frames per second on a compatible ASUS monitor, you can take the following steps:

1. First off, make sure that you are connecting your PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition to the monitor with a HDMI 2.1 cable. As we stated above, the HDMI cable that came with the game system is version 2.1. You also need to make sure that the PlayStation 5 game you are playing has a 120 fps display mode.

2. Once you made sure that your setup is correct. Turn on your PS5 and then head to the main Home Screen main menu. If you are playing a game, we recommend saving your progress and then close it. To find out how to manually close a game without turning off or resetting your PlayStation 5, you can take a look at this tutorial.

3. From the Home Screen, go to “Settings.” This is located on the upper right corner of the screen with the gear icon.

4. In “Settings,” go to “Saved Data and Game/App Settings.”

5. In “Saved Data and Game/App Settings,” scroll down and select “Game Presets” on the tab to the left of the screen.

6. After selecting “Game Presets,” select “Performance Mode or Resolution Mode” on the right of the screen.

7. Under the “Performance Mode or Resolution Mode” setting, you get three options: Game Default, Performance Mode and Resolution Mode. Select the “Performance Mode” option, which prioritizes higher frame rates.

8. Launch the supported PS5 game you should be able to play at 120 frames per second on your 120Hz ASUS gaming monitor.


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