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Best TV wall mounts for the LG GX

The GX Series 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED is a new premium LG television set that came out in 2020. If you want to mount this TV on your wall, you can follow this guide to find the best wall mounts for the LG GX.

Screen Sizes

The GX series currently comes in three sizes: 55-inch, 65-inch and 77-inch. You can take a look at the model number for each screen size below:

  • 55”: OLED55GXPUA
  • 65”: OLED65GXPUA
  • 77”: OLED77GXPUA

Before picking a mount for your GX, you need to consider the weight, dimensions and VESA pattern of your television set.

Every wall mount has a capacity limit in terms how much weight it can hold. You also make sure that your mount matches the horizontal and vertical distances of the mounting holes, known as VESA, on the back of your GX. Last but not least, you need to know the measurements of your TV to make sure you have enough space on your wall; if you want to tilt or swivel your set, you should leave some extra room to accommodate these movements.

You can take a look at the weight, dimensions and VESA patterns of all screen sizes in the GX series below:


  • 55” LG GX: 48.1 lbs.
  • 65” LG GX: 63.9 lbs.
  • 77” LG GX: 86.9 lbs.


  • 55” LG GX: 48.2″ x 27.8″ x 0.9″
  • 65” LG GX: 56.9″ x 32.7″ x 0.8″
  • 77” LG GX: 67.8″ x 39.0″ x 0.9″


  • 55” LG GX: 300 mm x 300 mm
  • 65” LG GX: 300 mm x 300 mm
  • 77” LG GX: 300 mm x 300 mm

Best fixed wall mount for LG GX

If you want a simple wall mount that will keep your GX in place, then we recommend picking up the PSLLK1 Low Profile Fixed TV Wall Mount from PERLESMITH. This product provides a low profile as your LG TV will be just 1.2” away from the wall.

The PSLLK1 supports the 300 mm x 300 mm VESA pattern (up to 600 mm x 400 mm overall) as well as the 48.1 pounds, 63.9 pounds and 86.9 pounds (up to 132 pounds total) of the 55”, 65” and 77” GX television sets.

The mounting bracket includes all the necessary hardware needed for installation. The PERLESMITH product can be mounted on a brick wall, concrete wall or wooden studs. For the studs, you need spacing of 16 inches to 24 inches.

You can purchase the mount, if you are interested, with the following link from Amazon:

Best tilting wall mount for LG GX

If you want to hang your television set higher up on your wall, then you might want to get a mount that lets you tilt your TV. Tilting will give you a better viewing angle of your display in addition to preventing screen glares from occurring.

One of the best tilting wall mounts available is the EGLT3 from ECHOGEAR. With this product, you will be able to tilt your GX television set, which is 2.3 inches from the wall, downwards at up to 10 degrees. You can also slide your TV horizontally.

With a maximum VESA of 600 mm x 400 mm and weight capacity of up to 125 pounds, the ECHOGEAR EGLT3 is compatible with all three screen sizes of the GX series.

This product includes a wall plate template as well as a hardware kit (which includes concrete anchors) from installation. You can install this bracket on the aforementioned concrete surfaces in addition to wooden or steel studs that are 16 inches to 24 inches apart. After installation, you can level your GX if it looks a little crooked.

You can purchase the tilting mount on Amazon, if you are interested, via the following link:

Best articulating wall mount for LG GX

You might want to consider rotating your GX horizontally if you want to watch TV at different angles in the room. If you are interested in doing so, then we recommend getting the S65A Longer Extension Dual Arm Full Motion TV Mount.

With this product, you will be able to extend your GX OLED at 2.8 inches from the wall to up to 26 inches from the wall. You can then swivel your TV set to a maximum of 180 degrees on a horizontal plane, up to 90 degrees to the left or up to 90 degrees to the right. You can also tilt a maximum of 6 degrees upwards or a maximum of 10 degrees downwards.

With VESA support of up to 600 mm x 400 mm and weight limit of up to 132 pounds, the S65A is compatible with all screen sizes of the LG GX series.

This Amazon product includes a template, hardware kit and HDMI cable. The mount can be installed on studs that are spaced out at 16 inches.

If you are interested, you can purchase the articulating mount from Amazon with the following link:

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