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Best PS5 External HDDs and SSDs

The PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition are compatible with external storage drives. So, what are the best hard disk drives and solid state drives you can get for the gaming system?

You can find out in this buyer’s guide.

PlayStation 5 External Hard Drive and Solid State Drive Requirements

If you haven’t heard already, the PlayStation 5 is able to play a vast majority PlayStation 4 videogames via its backwards compatibility feature. On the PS5, you will be able to play PS4 games that have been installed on the internal solid state drive or through a compatible external storage drive.

If you play PlayStation 4 video games on the PlayStation 5’s internal solid state drive, you will most likely get much better loading times when compared to playing the same game on a regular PS4. With that said, the PS5 only has 825 GB of internal storage.

So, if you want to save space and money (as you can only play PS5 games on the default internal SSD that comes built into the system or a compatible expansion internal SSD that will most likely be very expensive), then you should get an external storage drive for playing PS4 games on the PS5.

When it comes to requirements, it is assumed that the PS5 has the same external drive prerequisites as the PS4. So, you will need a USB connection of 3.0 or later. The PlayStation 5 comes with one USB 3.2 Type-C port on the front and two USB 3.2 Type-A ports. The storage space requirement should be from 250 GB to 8 TB.

Fastest PS5 External SSDs

If you want the fastest external storage drive that are supported by the PlayStation 5, then we recommend picking up either the Crucial X8 or Samsung T7. Both external portable solid state drives use the full bandwidth of the USB 3.2 connection in addition to feature read speeds of up to 1050 MB per second. As a result, you will get shorter loading and transfer times when compared to other storage drive types. The two products each come with a 3-year limited warranty as well.

The Crucial X8 and Samsung T7 are available in 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB capacitates. If you are interested, you can purchase the SSDs on Amazon with the following links:

Best High Capacity PS5 External Desktop HDD

If you are planning to play a lot of PS4 games on your PS5, then we suggest picking up the biggest supported capacity available, which should be 8 TB. If you are interested in doing so, then you should check out the Western Digital 8TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive. This storage drive uses an USB 3.0 connection in addition to having a 2-year limited warranty.

You can purchase the large capacity PS5-compatible HDD on Amazon via the following link:

Biggest PS5 External Portable HDD

The aforementioned External Desktop HDD requires you to plug the hard drive into a separate power outlet. If you don’t have an extra outlet available, then you should get a portable external hard disk drive instead as this type will get its power from the same USB connection used to transfer data to and from your PlayStation 5. Thus, you don’t have to connect the portable external storage drives to a separate power outlet.

We recommend picking up the WD_Black 5TB P10-Game Drive as it has transfer speed of up to 140 MB per second over an USB 3.0 connection. Not to mention that you will also get a 3-year limited warranty.

You can purchase the portable hard drive on Amazon, if you are interested, with the following link:

Officially Licensed PS4 External HDD for PS5

If you are looking for an officially licensed PlayStation 4 external hard disk drive for the PlayStation 5, then you should take a look at Seagate’s 2 TB PS4 Game Drive. You can check it out on Amazon via the following link:

Seagate also has a 4 TB PS4 external storage drive although it is not officially licensed. You can check out the differences between the 2 TB and 4 TB Seagate Game Drives with this article.


If you want the best loading time and/or transfer speeds when it comes to using an external storage drive on PS5, then you should pick up either the Crucial X8 Portable SSD or Samsung T7 Portable SSD.

For the biggest capacity, we recommend picking up the Western Digital 8TB Elements External Desktop Hard Drive.

For the biggest capacity without the need of an additional power outlet, we suggest picking up the WD_Black 5TB P10-Game Drive.