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77” LG Z2 wall mount compatibility guide

The 77” LG Z2 is a massive 8K OLED television set that is mountable to a wall. If you are looking for a mounting bracket that will support this massive TV, then you can take at this compatibility guide from Seeking Tech.

Screen Size

Before we begin, it is important to note that this guide is only based on the 77-inch version of the LG SIGNATURE Class Z2 PUA series 8K UHD OLED TV. Although there is an 88-inch variant of the same television available, that one can’t be mounted on a wall.

This article will be covering the 77” LG SIGNATURE Class Z2 PUA series 8K UHD OLED TV, which has a model number of OLED77Z2PUA. Depending on which region your television came from, the number may be a little different.


Since the 77” Z2 is a massive television set, you need to make sure you have enough space on your wall for the installation.

Keep in mind that, if you want to mount this screen on a dry wall, then you will need to locate the studs underneath the wall; otherwise, the dry wall won’t be strong enough to hold the mounting bracket and OLED TV on its own.

You can find the length, height and thickness measurements (which are shown in inches, centimeters and millimeters) of the LG Z2 below:

  • Dimensions without Stand (in inches): 67.6 inches x 38.7 inches x 1.3 inch
  • Dimensions without Stand (in centimeters): 171.7 cm x 98.3 cm x 3.3 cm
  • Dimensions without Stand (in millimeters): 1717.0 mm x 983.0 mm x 33.0 mm

Weight (without Stand)

The LG SIGNATURE Class Z2 PUA series 8K UHD OLED is very heavy; therefore, you need to make sure that its weight falls within the capacity limit of the wall mounting bracket. Otherwise, this very expensive television set could end up falling down from the wall.

You can find the weight measurement, shown in both pounds and kilograms, for the 77-inch Z2 below:

  • Weight without Stand (in pounds): 93.9 lbs.
  • Weight without Stand (in kilograms): 42.6 kg

VESA Mounting Pattern

Your 77” LG Z2 should have four screw holes located on the back of the screen. You need to use these holes in order to install the wall mounting bracket.

The horizontal and vertical lengths between these screw holes are known as Vesa Mounting Pattern. Alternatively, it may be referred to as the VESA Hole Pitch.

The 77-inch LG SIGNATURE Class Z2 has a Vesa Mounting Pattern of 400 mm x 400 mm, which converts to 15.75 inches x 15.75 inches or 40 cm to 40 cm.

VESA Mounting Pattern (example from different TV).

What wall mounts are compatible with the 77” LG Z2?

When looking for a compatible mounting bracket for your 77” Z2, it will need to support the aforementioned 400 mm x 400 mm Vesa Mounting Pattern. Otherwise, the bracket can’t be installed to the back of the OLED screen.

Furthermore, the wall mount should also be strong enough to hold at least 93.9 lbs. (or 42.6 kg), which is the weight of the TV without the stand attachment.

If you are searching for a specific fixed, tilting or full motion wall mount for the Z2, then you can take a look at this guide to find our recommendations.